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5 Hot Accessories that will make you STAND OUT from the Crowd

Updated on August 15, 2013

For many women accessories to an outfit can make or break an entire ensemble. Jewelry can be the piece de resistance, the cherry on the top, the beautiful signature of what makes it all come together. Among the huge offering of beads, neck pieces, earrings and bracelets that exist out there, there are a few dynamic pieces that will make you stand out from the crowd, and the beauty part is, you don’t have to break the bank in order to rock the look. Be that as it may, and many women would agree with this, there is nothing quite as bad as heading to a party and stepping out in an outfit similar to another woman, even if it is just a little black dress.

To a great extent, this is the exact time where accessories come to the rescue of so many out there. With a little bling, beads or costume jewelry you can immediately turn this ghastly situation on its head and instead of cowering in the corner and playing wallflower all evening, you can hold your own and earn some fashion respect.

Adornment and accessorizing isn’t a new concept. In fact the art of adding accessories to the equation to complete a look is one that is upheld and celebrated by a number of cultures. The exciting bit is that you have the power of choice and can select from such a range to personalize and create your own look. There simply is a world of influences out there to choose from. Think beads, scarves, feathers; with a little bit of imagination, repurposing and strategizing you can craft your look to bedazzle and beguile.


We have taken the guesswork out of the equation, kept our eyes peeled and found some of the latest trends in accessory jewellery that are guaranteed to help you step out in style and turn heads.

Let’s now have a look at top 5 accessories that will help you stand out from crowd

Ear Cuffs

Got a glamorous evening party that you would like to go to? Want to create and impression and stand out? Ear cuffs may be exactly the way in which you can make a statement. These pieces of jewelry add an almost ethereal effect to any look that you could be trying to achieve, more especially if it is an ‘up-do’. You will end up looking elfin and beautiful and somewhat like you’re from another world. Work this look in the summer when you’re out and about with a twisted loose messy bun and a glint of something bright and sparkly sticking out from underneath.

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces have a way of standing out, announcing themselves and being the sole piece of jewellery that can start a conversation or even stop one as somebody enters a room.

In no way is it more clearly immortalized in books, film and painting that the neckpiece of Cleopatra was in essence a statement necklace in itself. This Egyptian queen was clearly onto something ahead of her time as she presided over her people in her day.

Fast forward to present day and today we see the statement necklaces gracing the necks of models on covers of magazines and indeed popping up on shelves around shops. Most statement necklace pieces are characterized by bold geometric design, large ornate crystal or glass beads and weathered metal to give it an authentic somewhat ‘other era’ look.

Get the look! You could be stepping out in style in a statement necklace piece!

Tragus Piercings

Tragus piercings are the ultimate in mystery. Imagine brushing your hair aside having a little glint of something sparkly catch the observer’s eye. Admittedly this type of accessorizing is a little more permanent than some of the other suggestions, but because it is one of those subtle piercings that you can either play up or play down if you want to, simply by having a studded piece or a more ornate piece of jewellery.

This tragus ring and others are available online at

It seems that the rich and famous are also warming to this trend. Stars with tragus piercings include Nicole Richie, Rihanna and Scarlet Johannsen.

Armor Rings and Two Finger Rings

Every so often a totally wild and outlandish concept comes around that captures the imagination of designers and consumers alike. Nothing truer can be said of two hot little pieces that are increasingly gaining popularity, armour rings and two finger rings. Said to be inspired by medieval times these two types of jewellery are not always practical say for work and every activity, but can most definitely be brought out to add a little old world sparkle to your entire ensemble.


If you’ve ever wanted to channel your inner Xena or Wonder Woman this season would be the perfect opportunity for you to do so. Yes indeed ‘cosplay’ may be much closer than ever imagined with the opportunity to wear cuff jewelry and resemble the heroes that you do so much look up to.

Arm cuff jewelry can be dainty, or more bold and dynamic depending on your tastes. Worn against something plain and dark this is the perfect way in which to wear this piece of jewelry. You would want to take care though that this ornate type of cuff doesn’t snag against delicate fabric and cause pulls and tears.

The sultry wonder woman sporting cuff jewelry as part of her uniform
The sultry wonder woman sporting cuff jewelry as part of her uniform

The fantastic and absolutely amazing thing about accessories is that many people have crossed over from adornment and just making themselves look good, to actually perfecting this as an art and a craft.

Take a look at these weird and wonderful accessories created by people who definitely hold their love for recycling an repurposing high up on their agenda, so much so they have managed to craft ‘wonderfully weird accessories’ out of them.

Accessorizing is a creative process and should most definitely add some level of depth and dimension to the outfits and the clothing ensembles that you are pulling together. Never underestimate the power that you have to change the psychology of an entire outfit simply by adding one of two dramatic statement pieces to the mix. If ever you feel tempted to fall into a rut draw inspiration from this little guy below, who literally steps out in all his feathers and finery all year around.

Humans are not the only ones who have the power to enchant and dazzle with their jewelry and accessories. To some it comes naturally ;-)
Humans are not the only ones who have the power to enchant and dazzle with their jewelry and accessories. To some it comes naturally ;-)

If you like what you’ve seen so far, maybe you’re feeling inspired to create your very own accessories. What better than to head out for a night on the town with your very own snazzy creation around your neck as you become the envy of everybody around you?

The first part in the process of jewelry creation begins by having the right kind of supplies. Train your eyes and your ears; hunt around through markets, thrift stores and other out of the way places for some of your best bits, bobs and pieces.

DIY Accessories

Tools that you will need – Some of your best bets are


Collect a variety of bead types, so that you are able to alternate between sticking down and the ‘thread through’ variety.


Trinkets and leftover pieces that you might be thinking of tossing out, could in fact be the very things that you can make a focal piece in a new piece of jewelry. You never know, you could be tossing out the trash or thinking it’s time to give grandma’s old stuff away, but you could be sitting on a mine of gold.


You really don’t have to put your old scarves out to pasture when they get old and start to wither. What you can do instead is collect them and keep them for a rainy day. Scraps of old scarves when paired with new trinkets and wires can be used to form a snazzy new piece. Recycling goods can be a fantastic way to create brand new jewelry for another occasion.

Good Quality glue

You would want to invest in some good quality glue for your jewelry projects. Especially if you are giving them out as gifts or selling them. The last thing that you need is a disappointed friend or customer when your jewelry falls apart.


A good set of pliers will definitely hold you in good stead when it comes to manoeuvring through tricky spots and spaces between beads, clasps and wire. Keep a sharp eye out for the different types of jewelry pliers that you can make use of for intricate jewelry work.

Beading elastic

If beads get you feeling as excited as a magpie when it comes to creating beaded jewelry then you may want to also invest in some good quality beading elastic. There are many ways in which to use beading elastic you could make bracelets, chains, neck pieces and other pieces of jewelry. Investing in the right kind of beading elastic is all important. Investigate the stretchiness and the elasticity of all the beading elastic pieces and make the right choices for your creations.

Now that you know the basics on the materials needed for jewelry, keep watching for a follow on piece on how to make your very own DIY jewelry!

You’d better get collecting!

Happy Accessorizing!

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    • lyoness913 profile image

      Summer LeBlanc 2 years ago from H-Town

      Great writing style and wonderful presentation, loved the pictures. I find my costume jewelry to be so much more fun than my real stuff. (The real stuff is too little, I like a bit of gawdy). LOL

      Great hub,


    • profile image

      Ana 4 years ago

      Quirky and fun read. =)