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5 of the best perfumes for women : Perfect Gift ideas

Updated on November 21, 2012

 Now this is from guy's point of view, so these 5 of the best womens perfumes are what i find most attractive. I love,love,love a well scented woman, infact I think im right in saying that most people find it attractive. So whether you're a woman or man reading this, you'll either find what's very attractive or you'll find a great gift for your lady. There are some hideous perfumes out there and the perfume market probably dwarfs the mens. So men you definately need to take note here. You don't want to be buying a glorified toilet air freshner. These five perfumes are fresh, soft, sexy perfumes. Us men want something that will catch our attention but not enough to melt our nostrels. Some people find it difficult to find a perfume that sticks to them well. These suit anyone.

Issey Miyake Femme : This is my favourite! If a woman wears this then I'm hypnotised. This is a very fresh, soft perfume that suits anyone. It can be worn day and night and suits any occasion. This is a great summer scent as it cool and fresh. It's a very strong perfume but not over powering, so doesn't require a lot to apply. It's best description i've found is "fresh and zingy" I'd also say this is a very confident scent. I can't describe how much this perfume drives me crazy!Mmmmm,mmmmm,mmmmmmmmmm!

Emporio Armani Femme : Another great perfume which is totally different from Issey Miyake. This has a richer lower scent tone. This is a very nice evening perfume and is slightly stronger than Issey. This is definately a confident powerful perfume that has a very distinctive a memorable sexy scent. This perfume last's and many consumer say that they have their bottle's for ages as they never need to apply much.

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Femme : An absolute classic. Jean Paul Gaultier For women has been a top choice for women for many,many years. Jean Paul Gaultier is synominous with providing attractive fragrances for women and for men. This is a very sexy fragrance, one you might save for nights out rather than a casual perfume.

Calvin Klein Obsession : This is one you may not of thought about before but this perfume is loved by many and woman who wear are often asked what it is that they're wearing. One of the cheaper perfumes of the 5 but this doesn't compromise its durability or scent. One thing that you'll often find in the reviews of this perfume is how confident it makes them feel. This is,definitely an evening wear perfume with its spicy,deep rich scent.

Lacoste Touch of Pink : One of the more heavily advertised perfumes but has a great following, this is a light soft perfume, one that you can wear day and night. Would be great for summer gatherings with friends or for work. This is not a overly strong perfume so isn't one you would wear on a night out or on a date to be noticed. This is the all rounder of the 5 and is great value for money.


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    • RealHousewife profile image

      Kelly Umphenour 6 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      Interesting from the view point of a guy:) love it!

    • JP993 profile image

      JP993 6 years ago from England

      Different scents have different effects, at different times of the day. In the day you want to go fresh floral scents and of an evening you can go for something with a bit more oomph with a richer, darker tone. Above all though you want something that makes YOU feel great, this will have a knock on effect on how you hold yourself in a positive way. As I say, Issey Miyake does it for me day and night, it isn't a rich scent just sharp and clean. I think you should treat yourself to one of the above It'll be a sound investment : ).


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