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5 Things a Gentleman Knows How to Do

Updated on January 1, 2015

The starting points of Gentlemanly conduct and Etiquette

The fine art of Gentlemanly conduct is becoming lost. Every man should strive to be a gentleman, whether he is a CEO or a garbage man. The new generation is turning to cell phones and lack of honesty, integrity, and respect.

These tips will get you on the starting path to becoming a gentleman.

Photo by:Kyla Ware Cromer

#5 Knows how to keep his word

...and believes a handshake means something

Honesty and Integrity are becoming in short supply. Second childhoods are becoming the norm instead of the far fetched dreams of the idle.

A Gentleman believes that a handshake is as good as a signed contract. "A Gentleman's Agreement" as it is called

Picture: Tommy V

Gentlemanly champagne toast
Gentlemanly champagne toast

#4 Knows how to make an appropriate toast

Sometimes all that is needed is a raise of glasses and a "cheers." Sometimes an thought provoking anecdote is required, or even a short speech, such as at a wedding or funeral.

A Gentleman knows what is appropriate in every situation, and tailors his dialogue to the situation. It would be quite inappropriate to tell a frat boy story at your in-law's anniversary, just as a sad story wouldn't be appropriate at a bachelor party.

A Gentleman reads the crowd. A Gentleman gauges his audience. A Gentleman delivers the perfect toast.

Photo: Nima

#3 Knows to let his work speak for itself

Bragging about your accomplishments is a good way for people to feel that you are insincere. A Gentleman only reluctantly will espouse the benefits of his work, instead letting the observer decide for himself who has the better product, skill, or business.

Consequently, a Gentleman always puts forth his best work, never cutting corners, cheating, plagiarizing someone else's accomplishments and passing them on as his own.

#2 Knows how to give credit where credit is due

...and doesn't decry the success of others.

A Gentleman shows appreciation for the finer things in life, and believes that if someone does a good job, they should be recognized. Quality of any kind is in short supply everywhere, and true excellence even rarer.

A Gentleman believes that these things should be celebrated, and will not put down competitors products or skills, but instead attempt to learn, adapt, and grow himself.

#1 Knows how to treat a Lady

...and treats every member of the fairer sex as such.

A Gentleman treats women with respect, dignity, and care. Taking advantage of someone at a weak point is out of the question. A mutual tryst can be enjoyable to all, but a Gentleman is discreet. In mixed company, he will not humiliate his partner, but will treat her with the same friendship and dignity he always has. When others cannot overhear is the time for playful banter.

More so, a Gentleman treats all ladies as if they were such. Colloquially, it was Samuel Johnson who said:

"The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good."

I believe this quote is tantamount to proper gentlemanly composure and conduct. Treat others with respect and care, and they will return the favor.

If someone decides that the gloves are coming off, treat them respectfully still, but guardedly. A Gentleman is always fair in his dealings, but that doesn't mean he isn't aggressive. A Gentleman earns what he wants.

Painting: de Blaas, prior to 1931

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