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5 Types of Physical Beauty Men Find in a Female

Updated on March 5, 2015

Example: Avril Lavigne

The Cute Female

This is the woman that everyone adores because of their small, huggable appearance. This is a common beauty in women. These females tend to have a more innocent face, less matured if you will. Upon looking at her, one might think "Awww! look at you! I just want to pinch your cheeks and give you a bear hug!" Men find the cute female easy to approach and fun to hang out with. As a result, most men believe that the cute female makes the best girlfriend/spouse.

Example: Candice Accola

The Gorgeous Female

This female has an elegant beauty. You could stare at her perfect face for hours (without any strong urges for sex). This is the woman that looks simply remarkable to the eye. Rather than wanting to kiss her face, you might want to place your hand upon her cheek instead (not to sound creepy or anything). When she looks at you, you freeze in your tracks; or, rather, the world around your slows to a stop. This type of female is the HARDEST to approach primarily because, when talking to this female, men find themselves mixing up words, stuttering and such. Trust me, they are hard to talk to. Another, simplified reason for this lies in that her beauty is remarkably fascinating and very distracting to the male psyche. Their faces, to put it in another word, are "marvelous".

Example: Aneta Kowal

The Hot Female

This is the female that is not quite as easy to approach as the cute girl, but is still fairly approachable. This female typically wears a heavy, black eye-shadow which acts as a complement to her dictating eyes. Yes, she decks herself with makeup, usually. As a result, she has a certain sexual attractiveness to her, but it is still manageable for the male. You might find yourself having rowdy fun with this girl on the back of your truck, drinking beers. The hot woman tends to have the most mature, adult-like face of the 5 types.

Example: Alice Eve

The Sexy Female

This female has a very high amount of physical attraction (easily causes male arousal). She is most known for a naturally alluring look on her face, a look that is mildly inviting the male into intercourse. It is also important to note that her eyes seemingly pierce to the male's soul. She does usually have a moderate level of maturity in her facial appearance, but not always. Men usually overlook the character on these females, and the physical urges take over. The sexy female is harder to approach because most men feel that this female is "stuck up" and "too proud" to accept them.

Example: Katarina Van Derham

The Hypnotically Seductive Female

Think of the sexy female but heavily amplified. The result is the hypnotically seductive female. This is the rarest of all the female types. In fact, I pondered for hours upon the perfect celebrity example to show. Typically, men cannot control themselves around these women. If this type of woman walks in a room, it is quite normal for all men put their hands in their pockets, sit down, or find some way to hide the physical response growing down under. Their face only says one word, "sex". Men drool over these women and desire their supremely seductive and physically attractive faces. If a man were to rate this girl from 1 to 10, the number would exceed the limits. It doesn't matter whether this woman is mentally insane or just unsociable... she will always find her way into a man's bedroom if she so pleases. Similarly to the hot female, their faces tend to look more mature. In contrast to the sexy female, her eyes don't pierce the male's soul but rather looks completely through the male's body. Her facial expression says, "cut the 'you know what', time to have rough sex".


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    • profile image

      DONT BS 22 months ago

      This article is totally saying that women are only liked if they fall under a certain category. Please don't waste time on the definition of misogynistic and other word games.

      It's very simple: your article is showing 5 different types of women, all white, all blonde, all skinny and either models or singers. Overall, very few women hold these traits and according to your title would be considered not beautiful by men (i.e ugly/unattractive/etc.).

      Women are beautiful even if they don't hold the characteristics you have outlined.

      All of this doesn't matter as much to me, it's your denial that is bothering. Don't pretend that your article is anything more than a "are you ugly or attractive to men". Don't waste time in your comment section dissecting the definition of misogynistic and pretend that you have written a world class article. It is what it is, nothing more.

    • profile image

      Noel Stevenson 2 years ago

      Michaela, I do want to point out that this article is about "physical appearance". I also want to point out that this article does not display hate or prejudice against women, which is the meaning of misogynistic. It does classify their physical beauty, but I wouldn't necessarily call that distrusting a woman or holding prejudice against them (which I do not).

    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 2 years ago from USA

      Wow....this was misogynistic. Women are more than just their faces and body types you know?