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5 chic and feminine outfits inspired by pretty dresses

Updated on April 8, 2012

Summer is all about pretty dresses; every woman should have at least a few dresses picked out for summer. If you want to look effortlessly chic in hot weather, a dress is the best option because it is very easy to wear for most women. This hub has five feminine outfits inspired by pretty dresses. Hope you will enjoy my fashion sense.

Pretty purple chiffon dress – This bright purple chiffon dress is perfect for hot summer days. Since the dress lack structure, you should add a natural leather color belt to accentuate your curves. The best part of the dress is in the back with a little decorative bow. I completed this look with a pair of leather / orange color high heel sandals, a pair of pearl earrings and a white handbag. This look is highly feminine and very classic. It is suitable for all causal events as well as semi formal occasions.

Deep red polka dot dress with jean jacket – While most summer days are very hot, morning and evening tend to be on the chilly side in many parts of Southern California. The jean jacket is perfect with a little red polka dot dress; the colors complement each other perfectly. You can wear the denim jacket in the morning and evening. The red polka dot dress is gorgeous by itself as well.

Blue abstract print dress with black blazer – This look is perfect for spring and colder summer days. The blue abstract print dress is somewhat semi formal and looks amazing when paired with a cropped black blazer. The black tights and booties will elongate your legs; this look is especially good for petite ladies. When it gets a little bit warmer, you can take off the black blazer. This outfit is suitable for women of all ages.

Blue halter dress for the beach – Summer is all about wearing a light material dress and walking on the beach. This light blue halter dress is perfect for days on the beach. You can complete the look with a pair flower flip flops, white frame sunglasses and a gorgeous all white leather handbag. The red bohemian earrings complement the blue dress perfectly. This look is better suited for younger women.

Green long tunic with skinny jeans – The green tunic can be wore as a dress and some flats. However, its length is better as a long tunic. You can complete this look with a pair of dark wash jeans and stiletto heels. The pearl earrings and black clutch are things that make this look more formal. In fact, this look is perfect for women attending dinner with important clients. This outfit is suitable for women of all ages. If you want to elongate your legs, you can replace the studded black stiletto heels with a pair of all black booties. This outfit is great for the evening because it keeps you warm in colder temperatures.


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