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6 Easy Ways to Prevent Forehead Acne

Updated on August 22, 2016

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Acne is a huge problem nowadays. 85% of all U.S teenagers suffer from acne and 25% of these will end up with-unsightly- permanent scars. The experts also went ahead and found out the other fact that a whopping 60 million of Americans have acne. With all this scary numbers, more and more people are wondering how to prevent acne.

The good news, however, is that besides acne being predominantly an inherited disorder, it highly depends on the lifestyle choices we make. And as such, it is possible to avoid it. Everyone knows about healthy lifestyles (exercising, no smoking and alcohol) that help keep skin radiant and young. We also know about healthy eating habits - more fruits and veggies, less sugar and chocolate. But what else could we do to prevent acne? There are still some simple advice that would help keep your skin looking great. Let's look at six easy ways to prevent forehead acne.

1. Wash you face regularly and correctly.

Dermatologists insist on the need and importance to wash our faces at least two times a day. The washing ought to be done using warm soapy water and using a cotton facial towel.Be gentle and move the towel in a circular motion for around 5 minutes. Avoid applying excessive pressure while washing as it has the potential of clearing away most - if not all - of the sebum. If the sebum was completely depleted, by hard washing, then the sebaceous glands that line the skin are forced to produce even more sebum and as you might expect the acne will be back with a vengeance! I have found this wonderful product by Josie Maran that not only purifies the skin, but comes with a double-sided cleansing cloth that helps to lightly exfoliate skin, and remove all traces of makeup, dirt, and dead skin.

2. Watch the hair products you use.

Acne, especially forehead acne, can be made even worse by the use of fragrances and oily hair products. The oil in the hair products irritates and blocks sensitive skin pores on the forehead and thus creates a breeding ground for acne. Speaking about hair, some people's hair is oily by nature, in addition to it the sweat accumulates on the forehead region. For these cases the best way to prevent acne would be by washing hair regularly and keeping it off the forehead region.

3. Choose the right make up.

Make up is a good thing. In fact, make up is a great thing and most of us can't possibly imagine a life without make-up. But we must also remember that some of the products that are out there contain substances that only serve to exacerbate the genetic disorder we are trying to end. Carefully go over the ingredients of the cosmetics you are intending to buy and if you are uncertain on some of the contents just go ahead and ask a dermatologist to help you. Also, remember, never sleep with your make up on. It's a sure recipe for acne disaster.

4. Choose the right facial moisturizer.

The moisturizer is helpful when it comes to restoring the balance of bacteria on the forehead skin, plus it also helps the smooth opening and closing of our pores to release sebum containing harmful substances. Don't forget to choose a sunscreen moisturizer that will not only nourish your skin, but protect it from harmful and aging sun rays. My choice is Control Corrective Aroma Matte Day Cream which not only nourishes the skin and acts like a sunblock, but also creates that great matte look that most of us looking for.

5. Do facials with a professional cosmetologist regularly.

It's important to take a professional care of your skin. Be sure to get specialized professional treatment that will help your skin become radiant, nourished and most importantly will help you to prevent acne.

6. Keep your linen clean and fresh.

You might not know that a huge factor in skin healthiness is the cleanliness and freshness of the pillow covers and sheets we sleep on. The oil from your face remains on your pillow, and if you happen to nap with a make up on, wash that pillow cover before sleeping on it again. Prevent bacteria from getting on your skin.

These are just simple advice, but they should help you prevent forehead acne, and acne all together.


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