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6 Laser Scar Removal Must Know Facts

Updated on April 17, 2014
Skin laser treatment
Skin laser treatment

Scars can be cause by accidents, youth acne and different medical conditions. Many times, they’re appearance can cause confidence issues and sometimes physical problems as well.

The biggest concern that people have with scars are the way they look and how can those scars be treated properly and safely.

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Before and after scar removing
Before and after scar removing

Stages of a Scar Development

Wounds create scars, wounds come from infections, surgery, and sometimes just abnormal inflammation.

Scars have a life span just the same as most of the things in the world - scars life begins when the damaged area is red and thick.

The next stage will be when the damaged (or scarred) are turn lumpy, sunken, or flat.

The last stage of a scar is the fading process, this is when people begin to dislike the scar and even decide to want it removed.

The Way Laser Scar Removal Works

Laser scar treatment is not something to fear about.
The modern treatment uses beams of light to remove the hair on relevant areas, the procedure is non-evasive.

Laser scar removal treatment use micro-fine lasers that send short pulses of light to reach deep inside the layers of your skin. This technology is designed to help your body’s natural healing processes and simulate collagen creating (the protein that responsible for the condition of your skin).

This treatment helps the body remove the damaged tissue and then rebuild new collagen needed.

Acne scar removal using laser treatment
Acne scar removal using laser treatment

Side Effects of Laser Scar Removing

There are very few side effects to having laser scar removal treatments. You do have the possibility of redness or swelling on your skin.
There is an unusual side effect of sensitivity to the sun. This is something that happens when the first layer of skin is removed from the body.

Temporary discoloration is something that can happen to the area that was treated. Blisters and burns are side effects that rarely occur.

With all of these side effects, there are ointments or creams that can help.

How Many Laser Treatments Of Scar Removal Needed?

The number of treatments that are needed to completely remove the unwanted scar will vary, it will change based on the location of the scar as well as how prominent the scar is.

In the latest and most modern methods, around 2 treatments will be requires with couple of days separation between them. The average price for them in around 5000$.

Recovery from Scar Removing Session

One thing that many people worry about when it comes to undergoing procedures is how the recovery is. In the case of laser scar removal, the time for recovery will be different in each case. Recovery is usually quick and easy, with little to no recovery time (around number of days of redness of your skin).

If you have undesired scars that you wish to erase or have removed, laser scar removal is a good option. With the help of a medical professional, you will be able to have the unwanted scars removed with little side effects. As well as very little down time or recovery worries and an accessible price.

Scar Removal Treatment from American Medical Aesthetics


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