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6 Measures beauty from head to foot with coconut oil

Updated on July 25, 2016

Coconut oil is loved by many women to aid in beautifying steps. We have high antimicrobial and moisture strong, so coconut oil is often used in skin care steps smooth and bring beauty to the hair smoother.

In this article, we present you with 6 measures used coconut oil to care for your beauty from the hair to the skin.

1. Moisten your hair

Coconut oil has a high moisturizing features when experiencing the symptoms should dry your hair with coconut oil can choose to fix. There are two ways to use coconut oil for dry hair care.

Option 1: Heat the coconut oil to liquefy, then wash hair with mild shampoo and warm coconut oil massage to hair. Wait 15 minutes, then wash with cool water and blot dry with a soft cloth.

Method 2: After you wash hair with mild shampoo, massage using coconut oil to the hair and scalp. Towel or shower cap hair incubated for 2 hours, then wash with cool water.

Both of these approaches can bring beauty to the hair smoother, both dandruff and relieve itching on the scalp.

2. Scrub the body

To avoid the exposure of the chemistry of soap in the shower, you can use coconut oil instead.

Mix about ½ cup coconut oil with ½ cup brown sugar or salt and then add a few drops of lavender oil into the mixture. Then use this mixture as a gel to massage the body. Note the dark area and thick skin like elbows, knees hill ... you take longer rubbing step.

Finally rinse clean as conventional washing steps. In this way not only to clean the dirt, removing dead skin cells but also enhances the natural moisture for smooth skin.

3. Fix the dark circles around the eyes

When tired eyes will make wrinkles appear, the dark circles around the eyes. Therefore, the use of coconut oil will increase humidity and regain elasticity to the skin, while also promoting the circulation of the blood vessels quickly melt the bruise.

How to make very simple, you just use a little coconut oil on your finger and gently massage around the eye and let them dry naturally, after some time the dark circles around the eyes will melt gradually and return radiant beauty for the eyes.

4. Fix the rough hands

Hands have to work all day and they can be of chemical impurities or make dry. To overcome this phenomenon, use a little coconut oil in your palm and rub both hands together so that they penetrate the skin cells and quickly regain the hands smooth.

5. High fluffy cream

If you do not want to have to go find a shaving cream on the market, at home you can use coconut oil works equally well. With moisture and cell lubrication, coconut oil can help you clean up the area bristles want to remove.

Before you shave, you rub a layer of coconut oil on skin areas and take steps normally shave. You'll notice the shave will take place easily without causing inflammation.

6. Treat chapped lips

Lips lack of moisture and nutrition will also become dry and chapped. Coconut oil is a natural oil should not have an adverse effect on health, so can use coconut oil on the environment without having to worry about side effects.

When noticed phenomenon dry lips and chapped Please apply a little coconut oil on the lips to regain beauty smooth stretch. In addition, the research and a lipstick homemade lip balm from coconut oil is also a measure or.


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