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6 Ways To Embrace Your Mehendi Night

Updated on May 19, 2016

Weddings are an important part of one’s life. And Indian marriages are known for their opulence and vibrancy. There is much more to the weddings than the gloss and glamor. The beauty of the Big fat Indian Weddings lies in the numerous traditions associated with the celebrations. One such tradition that is followed religiously is the Mehendi ceremony.Over the years the Mehendi has become an integral part of the Indian tradition and is one of the major celebrations before the wedding where henna is applied to the hands and feet of the bride. While the ‘Mehendi’ is the major reason for celebration,there are a few other things to be kept in mind for a perfect pre-wedding look.

1. Keep The Glow On

Traditionally, brides apply Ubtan ( a paste made of natural ingredients like turmeric, fuller's earth clay, orange peel, curd etc ) to make their skin glow. But these days, busy schedules and monotonous lifestyle has left no room for having the crunch of this traditional touch. But Now natural facial treatments like fruit facial , gold facial overpowered these traditional norms imbibing the flawless glow and blemish free skin. Fruit facials are rich in Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants . It helps in rejuvenate the dry skin naturally. Most of the fruit packs are made by blending soft fruit pulps together to create a thick puree and is then applied on the face. There are four phases in fruit facial treatment: Cleansing, Scrubbing, massage and face pack. You can watch this video to Learn "How to do Fruit Facial " .

2. Keep The Make-up Light:

  • It’s best to keep minimal make-up for the Mehendi. Use a tinted sunscreen or a BB cream to moisturize the skin. Dot it over the face and blend it into the skin.
  • Use a concealer to hide blemishes and dark circles. Dotting it all over the face and blending it in will do a fine job of camouflaging the imperfections.
  • Use a powder foundation or a compact to fix the make-up. This way the make-up lasts longer.
  • To do up the eyes, a bronze eye shadow should be perfect. Apply it all over the eyes.
  • Line the lower lash line and the corners of the upper line using a gel liner. Blend it out using a small eyeshadow brush for a smoky subtle effect.
  • Apply a white liner to the inner corners of the eyes. This will make the eyes look bigger.
  • Use a mascara to open up the eyes and a brow pencil to define the eyebrows.
  • Apply a matte pink blush starting from the apples of the cheeks all the way up to the ears.
  • Finally, plump up your lips using a light pink lip gloss to complete the Mehendi look.

3. Wear Colourful Outfits:

Mehendi is a colourful function. Wear a lot of colours as it not only adds spunk to the celebration but also looks aesthetic. Avoid wearing white or black.A light-weight lehenga or a flowy dress will be apt as it becomes easier to apply Mehendi to the feet. Wear minimal jewellery like Jhumkas or a gold chain.


4. Bridal Mehndi:

There is always a Mehendi expert waiting to apply elaborate designs on your hands. A very popular bridal design is the peacock style, dulha-dulhan mehndi and Pakistani mehndi design. It is intricately drawn and looks beautiful. A lot of emphases is laid on the colour of the mehndi. Learn

How To Make Mehndi Darker

  • The most important thing to be kept in mind after putting Mehendi is to not wash hands with water.It hinders the development of colour .
  • Do not shake your hands or try to dry them under the fan. It is best if it dries off naturally.

  • Let the Mehendi dry off completely. It’s preferable to keep it overnight till the dried Mehendi doesn’t come off.

  • After application,a mixture of sugar and lime should be dabbed on the Mehendi at regular intervals.

  • Avoid overdoing it.

  • You can also heat cloves in a pan and place your hands on it. The hands will soak up the steam coming off the cloves. Be careful so as to not overexpose your hands to the heat as you could sustain heat injuries.

5. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Wear comfortable shoes as the function could stretch for hours and your feet could hurt badly. No Indian celebration is complete without dancing and so it is always advisable to wear comfortable flats or little heels.


6. Guest Entertainment

Mehendi functions attract a lot of guests. It is important to see that their needs are taken care of. There are quite a few ways to keep them entertained. Music, games, nail art, tattoos artists, live bangle makers are some of the things that will add to the celebrations.A major crowd puller is the ‘Food’ and food at Indian weddings is always elaborate. For any event to be a success it is imperative that the food is lip smacking.Mehendi specials like chaats, chole bhature, golas, kulfi are always a hit with the crowd.


I hope these suggestions will help all brides. Have a very colourful and vibrant Mehendi..Cheers!!!


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