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7 Sample Facts about Fashion Explained

Updated on January 6, 2017

Fashion Fact

Fashion is a common topic that will draw attention of any women in the world and is often discussed in every occasion. It's a timeless topic which can be learned so that you can look best in any occasions. Not only will you know what to wear, but you will also know which clothes and fashion items to avoid and why. Actually in order to look good, you don't need to collect every fashion item. As long as you have the most have and basic ones, they can boost your look and even save you from being a fashion disaster. So let's check which items you should have in your wardrobe.

1. T-shirt

Yes, it's a T-shirt. It's an item that every woman has in their wardrobe. It's versatile, comfortable and can be worn in any seasons. You can choose to look girly, sporty and casual by matching it with jeans and a skirt. White and the striped one is the must have ones. Especially the striped one as it's in in 2015 and so classic that you can wear it anytime

2. White shirt

You can wear this for a job interview, going to work or even going shopping. It's a timeless fashion item that gives you neat and elegant look. You can combine it with a blazer, a scarf, a vest or even a jacket.

3. Black blazer

It's true that blazer is often associated with formal occasion. But as said by Nicole Chavez, "A tailored blazer is classic, feminine, and looks great on all body typesā€¯, you will still be able to look fashionable on your blazer. You can choose to look formal, semi formal or casual with blazer depending on how you match it with other items. For formal look, pencil skirt will do it good. While for casual look, a striped shirt, sneakers and skinny jeans will look perfect on you. Make sure to have the proper size of the blazer which is not too big or too small.

4. Little black dress

It's a must have item for every woman as it can be worn in formal or casual occasion. Choose the one with beautiful motifs that fits your body well. A unique, statement belt will give great finishing touch on you

5. Evening Pants

The roomy evening pants that slung a bit lower or of high waist style will give you a pleasing look. Combine it with a body fit white shirt or thin body fit sweater and a statement necklace will give you smart and elegant look

6. White Jeans

It is the kind of jeans that will give you awesome look and are suitable to be worn in any seasons. Booties, a T-shirt and printed scarf will look charming on you during winter. While in summer, a printed t-shirt and a pair of flat shoes are good combination to them

7. Sneakers

They can be a good match to your feminine skirt or your jeans. They make you feel comfortable walking in miles and make you look cooler. Another variation of sneakers can also be a choice. Slip on sneakers will make you look chicer.


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