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7 Trends in Engagement Rings for 2013

Updated on August 19, 2014

2013 Engagement Ring Trends

An Engagement Ring is one of the most important pieces of jewelry that is bought and worn. It showcases the couple in a single piece of jewelry. However, over the years engagement rings styles have changed and the desires of brides and grooms have also changed making for new and exciting trends in engagement rings.

This hub looks at seven trends in engagement ring for 2013.

Please use this hub to gain an idea about what sort of engagement ring options are available today. Trends are presented in no specific order

Bepsoke | Source

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Brides today, more than ever have a need to be unique and not conform to the standard platinum round diamond solitaire engagement ring of yesteryear. The non-traditional rings are one way for brides to get an engagement ring that is a little more unique but with out breaking the bank with a custom design.

For example, raw uncut diamonds are a great way to turn the a traditional ring standard into a beautiful nontraditional ring.

Non-traditional ring takes in a lot of different styles but the main point is your engagement ring doesn't look like a standard engagement ring.

 Cognac Diamond
Cognac Diamond | Source

Colored Diamonds & Precious Gemstone Engagement Rings

With the engagement rings of Kate Middleton and Kelly Clarkson, colored gemstones have became a huge trend. Brides are looking at diamonds rings can pick yellow, chocolate, cognac, and black in color over traditional white diamonds.

However, engagement rings that are made from Sapphires (like Kate Middleton's ring), Emeralds and Rubies are also gaining popularity with brides. Diamonds have been the standard for engagement rings for a very practical reasons. Diamonds have an hardness of ten, it's very hard to damage them which make them perfect for everyday wear.

Sapphires and Rubies have a hardness of 9 whereas Emeralds and aquamarine are 8. So they are great for everyday wear on your finger. In general, stones with a hardness that is 7 and up are great for engagement rings.

Art Deco Engagement Ring
Art Deco Engagement Ring

Vintage Engagement Rings

With the rise of shows like Downton Abbey and Mad Men , brides are going to old fashion glamorous engagement rings. Vintage encompasses so many styles from Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Retro.

The Victorian style is marked a few styles;

-Early Victorian (1837-1855) was inspired by nature and etching was used to create designs. Colorful gemstone were used a lot.

-Mid Victorian (1856-1880) was marked by the death of Prince Albert. As a result jewelry took a solemn darker tone. The designs were heavy and gemstones like Jet, onyx, amethyst, and garnet were used more.

-Late Victorian (1885-1900) was marked by bright and feminine jewelry. Crescents and stars became popular designs.

The Edwardian (1901-1915) style is marked more elaborate design and expensive stones. The designs were light, feminine and symmetrical. Garland designs were popular as well as ribbons, lace, leaves, cobwebs and flowers.

The Art Nouveau style (1895-1915) is marked organic shapes like flowers, butterflies, and sift curves. This style lasted until end of World War I.

The Art Deco style (1915-1935) is marked geometric shapes and abstract patterns. For Vintage designs Art Deco is the most popular style today.

The Retro style (1945-1960) is marked by bold colorful and elaborate designs. It was inspired by Hollywood.

Check out Estate sales or eBay for great vintage engagement rings.

 A Single Large Diamond
A Single Large Diamond | Source

One Large Diamond

Stars like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez have opted for one larger stone for their engagement rings.

It a bold choice for a bold bride The diamond or gemstone used for this trend is a statement piece and should be of super high quality. This means the diamond can not have any flaw and large diamonds with no flaws are going to be costly. As a result, engagement rings that use this trends are going more expensive on average.

Marquis Cut Diamond
Marquis Cut Diamond | Source

Different Shapes

It use to be that Round cut Diamond engagement rings were the standard but now brides are looking to other shapes.

Shapes like marquis and emerald cuts are more popular than ever these days. With these shapes the popular Halo setting is often used.

The Halo setting is when the larger center stone is lined with smaller diamonds around it. This makes the stone appear bigger. It is also very visually pleasing.

Mixed Metal  Engagement Ring
Mixed Metal Engagement Ring | Source

Mixed Metal Engagement Rings

Platinum engagement rings have been a standard for engagement rings for a long time but now Brides are getting engagement rings that are mix metals. Like silver rings with a gold settings or Platinum setting with a rose color rings.

The Japanese Mokume-Gane is a great way to mix metal for a lovely engagement ring. Mokume-Gane is a metal fabrication technique where metals are layered together by fusing or soldering them in stacks. Then the stacks are filed, sanded or cut to exposed different layers and then flatten. The result is that metal takes on a wood grain pattern.

R2D2 Engagement Ring
R2D2 Engagement Ring

Custom Engagement Rings

In the same vein of the Non-traditional rings, Bride and Grooms are becoming the designers and making their own unique creations to showoff their style and their own love stories within the engagement ring.

It can be a high concept design like a flower or it super nerdy. The Sky is the limit when the couple is in design control of the engagement ring.

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