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7 exercises help increase height with ball

Updated on July 25, 2016

Exercise is one of the tools to help you measure growth in height, so it has a lot of exercises for people who have this need. Normally, the coach introduces the apprentice training lasts with the single bar, double bar.

In this article, we want to introduce you stretching exercises with the ball. Taking advantage of the elastic force the ball to stretch the ligaments and muscles of the body is the mechanism of this exercise. On the other hand, for those who work sitting on a chair for extended periods, these exercises also have an interest in stretching and relaxing muscles to regain energy.

Make 7 exercises follow the instructions below

1. Exercise ball hugged dorsiflexion

Kneeling posture, hugging the right hand ball, horizontal left hand against the front, on the left knee. Perform abdominal bent so that her knees pressed, his face to the floor. Hold this posture for a few minutes and then switch to the left to hug the ball.

Benefits: Stretch the spine, thighs and buttocks.

2. The exercise pulled the ball back hugging front

From postures in Exercise 1, spun through the opposite face with the ball, the ball in his hands forward, head down. Perform movements pushed the ball forward so that the back stretch all the way down and then kept for 1 minute, then relax on the old position.

Benefits: Stretch the spine, chest, arms and legs.

3. Exercise leaned under the ball

From the position of people in exercise 2, has two noses feet against the floor, sticking his hands pushed the ball forward so that the rolling lap, pressed on the ball. Chest sticking up, looking up at the ceiling, hold for 1 minute and then pushed back his old position.

Benefits: Stretch the legs, thighs, chest, neck

4. Exercise leaned back on the ball

3 investment posture exercises, goes back to back titles on the back. Legs pushed back to the rear so that pressed on the ball, put his hands behind you, hands reaching up to touch the floor. Hold for 1 minute, then legs and repeat pushing up.

Benefits: Stretch your back, legs, chest, neck and hands.

5. Exercise anti-tilt on the ball

Turning back, legs left knee to the floor against the ball as close to the fulcrum, co-footed against the right, hugging the left hand side of the ball left. Use your legs to push, put up his right hand over the top rise. Hold for 1 minute then discouraged to return the starting position.

Benefits: Stretch hips, legs, arms.

6. Forced Exercise feet behind the ball

Turned his back on the ball, and kneeling on the floor, hands on hips, bending his left leg that left instep to squeeze the ball. Hold this position for 1 minute, then switch to the left as a pole foot, right foot on ball feet pressed contraction.

Benefits: Stretching the feet, legs, hips and buttocks firming.

7. Exercise leg stretched on the ball

Turning sideways, knelt to the floor, his right hand against the floor as office, placed his left hand on the left thigh. Use of force to keep the left arm and left leg pressure of ball pressure on the body, hold for 1 minute and then switch to the right leg.

Benefits: Stretch your leg muscles.


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