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Best 7 For All Mankind Jeans

Updated on September 1, 2011

Over the last ten years, 7 For All Mankind have become synonymous with designer denims - sought after high fashion jeans.

Breaking into a fashion environment already flooded with the likes of Levis jeans, True Religion and more, seven jeans needed to hit the ground running, in order to make an impact on the denim market.

By adopting an air of exclusivity, mankind jeans managed to secure a niche. The company ethos revolved around attention to detail, and a designer manufacture that also embraced an exclusive appeal ... a distinct logo on the seat pocket, which helped the brand enjoy an almost instant success.

Ten years later, they remain a highly popular brand of designer jeans, and have been seen clad upon the legs of the rich and famous almost from the birth of the company.

That's part of the seven jeans appeal. Whilst they're a designer brand name, worn by women that the rest of us can only aspire to, they remain accessible to those of us who live a life less ordinary.

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Petite Dojo Trouser Jean

These are the best selling Seven for all Mankind Jeans - and come with a five star rating. They're soft, they're comfortable and best of all - they make you look good and feel great. They're a bit more room for manoeuvre with these than you'll usually find with Seven jeans - which is no bad thing.

The size ranges from small (24") up to a large (32"). The cut is a kick-flare, with lengthens the leg and does a great job at balance out a wider hip. They're also a mid-rise, slightly higher across the back/yolk and work well with curvy girls. The 'give' is created by way of a 98/2% cotton/spandex blend and they're a top designer jeans. The price buys you high end quality, design and good looks.

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Boot Cut Jean

These are the best selling Seven for all Mankind bootcut jeans. A good mid blue denim, the usual cotton/spandex blend that allows you to feel comfortable yet creates give when you need it, and support where you need it. Although 7 jeans are not known for being the cheapest of jeans, they are one of the US best selling brands, hugely popular and highly desirable.

They rarely disappoint, the cut and finish is superb and you do feel as though you're buying a pair of designer jeans. The bootcut finish with this pair is great for a classic look, they're low enough on the waist to flatter, yet not low enough to feel as though you're airing tomorrows washing. They're a good looking denim for the rear, don't bag in the waist and will fit a small to large figure. Great jeans, an investment and classically styled to last for years.

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Straight Leg Jean

These are the best straight leg 7 jeans - a lovely, leg flattering cut that slims and lengthens the shortest of legs. They color is distressed - not sad, just faded and they're a mid blue denim. The waist is sits between the classic and low rise cut and the cut and feel is beautiful.

They're in the standard seven jeans size range - between a 24" and a 32" waist, and the leg length is average. Worn with heels, the leg will lengthen more, worn with flat pumps, you'll create a casual chic that works for most body shapes. Comfortable, lift when you need it, good looking feel great jeans. Worth the purchase? Absolutely. Every girl needs a little luxury now and then.

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Curvy Bootcut Jean

This are the best seven jeans for curvy girls. Lots of bang for your buck - especially if you've a few curves you need to get under control without too much effort. They accommodate right where you need it the most - round and through the waist, no bagging around the back, a good generous yoke. The waist is high enough to hide imperfections, without making you feel hung-up in any way.

The hip and thigh is flattered, and looks slimmer, and the overall cut lends itself to creating and defining shape. The bootcut jean is slightly more flared at the ankle, which helps with balance, and the inseam is long enough for most leg lengths. They fit up to a large and come in two colors - mid and dark blue. For the larger ladies, the darker denim is the better choice, for the smaller to medium curvy girls, either will work great. Gorgeous jeans, an investment and worth it.

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This are the best high waist 7 jeans - though don't misunderstand what the high waist term actually means. The waist band simply sits between the low and classic position - so you're not going to end with a denim that reaches your mid chest area! They're great for anyone with curves, forgiving yet flattering, a good mid blue color that holds the dye well.

The style is bootcut - the one cut that tends to be universally flattering, though the ankle falre is slimmer than the picture makes it look. Overall, a good cut, great fit, ranging between small to medium sized jeans and great comfort feel to them. Available in two colors, lots of scope for both causal wear and something a bit more upbeat. Typically seven for all mankind jeans, fine design. and like all the featured jeans - free shipping and returns.


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