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8 Advantages of Long Hair (For Women)

Updated on August 25, 2011

8 Advantages of Long Hair

For many years Ideamorphist was an avid supporter of short hairstyles, and at one point even rocked one as short as most males. Eventually, her curiosity of what her hair texture would look like long got to her. Mainly the waves, as they were becoming a hassle to straighten when short, but if not flat ironed would give TOO much volume.

After over three years of only trimming 1/4" every 3-4 months her hair is far past her shoulders and heading to the waist, as shown with the sequence of photos to the right. Not only is she more satisfied with the sections of hair that have a heavy wave, but she has found there are some previously unknown advantages.

  1. A Prop for Flirting- Whether single or in a serious relationship a lady has got her own little tricks to letting a man know she is interested. Hair can be a powerful prop in the interaction as it can be read as part of obvious and intentional body language that is intentional. While she may have previously been able to brush a piece of hair from her face, now she has a massive amount of hair to twirl in her fingers, take down from a ponytail seductively or even play peek-a-boo from behind. It may not be every man's favorite thing, but it will definitely keep their attention.
  2. More Length Means Less Volume for Curly or Wavy Hair- Any amount of growth adds weight to the hair, and therefore will pull the curl a bit more straight. Also, as mentioned earlier, this length and weight pulling on the curl therefore means less poof or volume to the style. No matter what amount of curl the hair texture being pulled down by weight will help the curls to look better. Ideamorphist never truly appreciated her waves because other parts of her hair would stay straight. She tried perming, but it would not hold. Now that her locks are longer the waves peak out from below the straight layers. It is almost reminiscent of the finger wave styles of the forties and fifties, but with out the painstaking pinning and maintenance.
  3. Chance to Wear Hair Accessories More Often- Short styles may use barrettes or head bands, but with length comes many more options for really using clips, rhinestones, pins, chopsticks, or even phony ponies. Most ladies will not want to go through the hassle of placing hair do pieces on a daily basis. However, if you are involved in a special occasion like a wedding, or even a romantic evening out, the extra flare can add a wealth of style. For instance, one wedding Ideamorphist stood up in used snaps with crystals and rhinestones in her up do. It gave the look a bit of sparkle, without the groomsmen getting body glitter all over their tuxes.
  4. More Options of Styling- Longer hair means more to work with. In the long run, short hair's lack of maintenance may also mean that your hair looked the same at a basketball game as on your wedding day. Fancy styling of pinned up hair, or combinations of half down with curls and accessories means that you can leave a different impression every time you do your hair. Ideamorphist specifically put two pics up last of her hair at the same point. One is straight with the ends curled under, while the other is a down style with curl to half the hair. The styles are different, with the same amount of effort. Ideamorphist also enjoys putting her hair in a braid, ponytail, pigtail braids and a bun. None of those styles were achievable with the short hair style.
  5. Winter Warmth- Living in Chicagoland, hats, scarves, gloves and hoods have always been vital, but the last two winters seemed a bit easier. The long hair was an extra ear warmer and keeps the wind off the neck. No longer does Ideamorphist worry about her nose being cold when she wakes up in the morning. The hair forms an insulating nest around her head as the night goes on.
  6. Confidence or Shield- This topic goes two ways depending on the personality type. First we will discuss Ideamorphist, the outspoken, extrovert who is far from shyville. She found that the longer her hair got, the more confidence she had. Mainly due to liking the styles more, and appreciating her natural hair texture in those styles. Also, she felt that point 7 was also helping, with the length having the illusion that her face was more thin. Now, an introvert, who is more likely to hide behind their long hair will enjoy the shield. If they want to dodge eye contact a quick turn of the head can put a whole wall of hair between you.
  7. Round Faces Look Thinner- Artistically speaking, a long hair style will use the lateral lines to draw the eyes down. Therefore, someone who's face is round, or even fat, will look thinner with long hair. This becomes even more apparent with the volume of curl or wave. Check out Ideamorphist in the hat! The hair on her cheeks somewhat makes her look like a chipmunk hiding a snack for later in its little cheek pockets! Yet, when the hair is longer, her face also looks longer.
  8. Ability to Put Up and Away- With hair that is past the chin an immediate advantage comes, being able to use a hair clip, scrunchy or rubber band to put it up. This provides a chance away from it itching your forehead or cheeks. Get out of your eyes or mouth, or just plain let your neck cool down. A pony tail can be an adorable look, especially if it is still long enough to go down your back!


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    • profile image

      tony 13 months ago

      l have long hair for many years is down to floor can do far more and less maintenance and confess have not been to shop for 15yrs and my husband

    • profile image

      rix 5 years ago


    • FloraBreenRobison profile image

      FloraBreenRobison 6 years ago

      I had extremley long hair for a long time. When I was in university it was to the tailbone. But when I moved out on my own I realized that this made me dependent upon mom to wash my hair. My hair is now a bit longer than shoulder length. It's still long enough to have it styled in some way, but now I can take care of it myself and it's always healthy. I can't see me having short short hair any time soon. maybe when I'm a senior citizen.

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 6 years ago from Northern California

      I have to say I love your curly-hair look the most! While I do like the benefits of long hair... I hate the maintenance! Just donated 8 inches and am glad to be rid of it for the summer!

    • Pamela N Red profile image

      Pamela N Red 6 years ago from Oklahoma

      I've always preferred long hair. Most men prefer it. We do have more options with longer tresses than the women with short styles.

    • katrinasui profile image

      katrinasui 6 years ago

      WOW! There are so many benefits of having long hair. I didn't know this before. You are looking cute in the 1st and 7th pic.

    • Glemoh101 profile image

      Glemoh101 6 years ago

      Im male , can i comment to say your hub is great.

      I like that hair styles specially the 2nd one.