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8 Reasons Why People Get Tattoos

Updated on April 12, 2016

Tattoo are the world’s most emerging art which is inked on the bodies. This art has its share of misunderstanding. Tattoo are banned in a number of work environments in the world and this art is also considered to be socially unacceptable in various parts of the world – where it is considered to be taboo. Tattoo are undoubtedly an individual piece of art. Since there are whopping amount of reasons of having the tattoos inked on the body, 8 of them are mentioned as under:

1. Identifying Themselves

The main and the chief reason of getting the tattoo inked on the body is the identification which people want for themselves. People often get symbols on their bodies like zodiac signs, designs of their most favorite movies or characters. Even they also go for any important piece which them deem consider significant in their life.

2. Honoring Loved Ones

Another reason of getting the tattoos inked on the body is honoring the loves ones. People, who want to pay tribute to their loved ones, go for having their tattoos designed on their body parts. The tattoo range from family to military portraits, etc. These kinds of tattoos are done in black and grey colors. Besides portraits, people have them as verse tattoos. Even their loved ones’ handwriting too can be copied in tattoo designs.


3. Styles

Majority of the people or the people from the entertainment world always go for style tattoos. Tattoos are inked for making fashion statements. In style tattoo, there are endless ways and designs to get them. They can be embossed on any part of the bodies in various colors, etc.

4. Prison and Gangs

This type of tattoo is too adored by the people a lot. This is called the darker side of the tattooing. These tattoos are quite in use by the people associated with crime and underworld. They get them to affiliate themselves with another gang on the streets.

5. Making Profits

We often see the sportsmen and athletes promoting the brands by having their logos placed on their shirts and costumes. But the trend has landed into the world of tattoos as well since the people have begun selling their bodies to the brands for their promotions. One case came into light mentioning a woman sold her body to a casino for $15,000 for having their logo on her forehead. These types of tattoo often end up with regrets. Thus think millions of time before selling your body to anyone.

6. Religious Reasons

Many people have started turning up towards having religious tattoo on their bodies. People get these tattoos just to show their belief on their religion. These tattoos are getting much popular in the world these days.

7. For Fun

Many people get the tattoo for fun. When you ask them the reason of the particular tattoo they are having on their body, they turn up blank in explaining the reason. These kinds of tattoos (Examples) look weird and funny mostly. But the people enjoy them.

Tattoos For Fun

8. Other Various Reasons

People also get tattoo without any kind of reasons. They just like them to be inked on their bodies. Many of them get the tattoos just to hide their scar tissues and vitiligo spots, etc. People in the world are simply crazy for the tattoos and when they do not have any reason, they just get them nonetheless in any design.

Art of tattooing is getting much popular and in western and European countries, it is more popular and common than the rest of the world. Many studies show people get tattoo because of their mental problems.

Tatto with Message


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