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8 Things We Learned from Berlin's Fashion Week

Updated on November 14, 2017
Berlin Fashion Week
Berlin Fashion Week | Source

Berlin's Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week is in its eighteenth season and has been sponsored by Mercedes Benz since 2007. Held on a biannual basis (in January and July), the event has been held in front of Brandenburg Gate since 2011. With over 200,000 attending this mega fashion fiesta, Berlin transformed itself into a sophisticated, creative capital of Germany. Here are eight takeaways from this summer’s event that we loved the most.

Hi-Tech Styles

Technology made an unexpected entry in this edition of Berlin’sFashionWeek and there were quite a few innovative styles doing the rounds on the catwalk. From stylish wearable devices, pulsating jewelry, famed designers like Anja Gockel didn’t just set the trends for the next season but also demonstrated how seamlessly technology can be incorporated into the fabric of people’s every day lives.


Punctuality is something synonymous with Germans. Almost all shows started on time while the maximum delays were to the tune of 30 minutes which is a remarkable feat considering that fashion shows are notoriously known to never start on time

Winter Bloom

When the mercury drops and it’s freezing outside, our natural tendency is to gravitate to dull & boring wintery color such as greys and blacks. Right? The main takeaway from this fashion week is that bright colors are in vogue and helps banish your winter blues. Rising star Stephanie Franzius made all the right noises by redefining winter rules and adding a dash of color to her creations. From a colourful pair of heels to bright scarves, from colorful, smoky eyes to gorgeous silk tee-shirts, her collection managed to spark a sea of delight.

Summer Stripes

Stripes never go out of fashion. We can't get enough of stripes, and we know you can't either! This print is here to stay, no matter what season it is. Summer 2017 is all about stripes ad demonstrated by notable designer Erik Frenken, who opened the week with his new spanking new collection for Avelon. Breton, barcode, pin or rainbow, stripes are appearing in all shades and sizes this summer. Pairing your stripes with bold colors or combining vertical and horizontal stripes is the in-thing again this summer.

Tassels, Tassels, Tassels!

Undoubtedly the hottest accessory embellishment of the season, tassels dominated the runway this season. The tassel trend makes any ordinary outfit feel like a celebration and Michael Sontag Atelier demonstrated just that by helping elevate his outfits with some delightful use of tassels. Dorothee Schumacher’s Apple watches also sported tassels as a fashion statement which goes to show how popular the trend is right now.

PETA Protests

When there’s a fashion week, PETA can’t be far behind. As always, PETA made its presence felt by ‘dressing down’ in their usual style of protesting. PETA activists stripped down to freezing temperatures opposite one of the many grand openings and took to the Brandenburg Gate in the nude just donning bikinis and animal masks with extravagant body-paintings.

Victorian Distress

Spiderweb knits and fishnet tights have always had a vixen allure and made a comeback on the runway this season in Augustin Teboul’s rebellious collection.


For those that say it's too tricky to look chic and stay warm, the ubiquitous turtleneck proved its versatility by popping up in most styles this season. one of the season's coziest trends, this cold-weather staple peeked out of everything including low-cut gowns.


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