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7 Tips to Take Care of Your Permed Hair

Updated on March 8, 2016

Perming the hair

Most often women perm hair to add glamour and beauty. Some women dye it using different colors, re-bond hair to achieve the ideal straight and perfectly shiny hair. However a lot of women are attracted to perming hair. Many went to a salon for a Brazilian blowout and attain the glamorous and attractive permed hair.

But wait, if you want to achieve that beautiful and elegant permed hair, you must also know how to take good care of that newly permed hair of yours.

1. Washing Your Hair

It is also important to note washing the newly permed hair must be done two days after the perming session. This enables the chemical to penetrate deeply into the cuticle layer. Wash your hair thoroughly and gently.

Perming hair uses different chemicals in your hair that may irritate your scalp. This can cause itchiness that bothers you. That is why it is important to properly wash your hair using shampoo for chemically treated hair.

Glamorous Permed hair looks eligant

Flaunt that perm hair and attract boys.
Flaunt that perm hair and attract boys.

2. Use Conditioner

Choose the right conditioner suitable for chemically treated hair. Conditioner helps detangled your hair as it deeply penetrates your cuticle. Apply it carefully and gently, distribute the conditioner evenly using your fingertips to fight against dryness and itchiness.

In using a conditioner, make sure you wash it gently without leaving any residue of the chemical to avoid dandruff. Dandruff could possibly damage your hair, so carefully condition your hair to avoid it.

Fierce Permed hair

Look fiercer with the glamorous permed hair.
Look fiercer with the glamorous permed hair.

3. Air Dry your hair

Avoid blowing your hair. Air drying is recommended for permed hair. This will give your hair a natural cooling system that will avoid traumatizing your hair. Hair blowers will make your hair frizzy; so avoid it.

The heat sensation coming from the blow drier can cause trauma in your head. By allowing to dry it naturally, it will surely be a healthy way of protecting your hair from trauma and it can also make you feel more relax. However, you need to sacrifice a little time in doing it.

4. Trim your Hair

To keep your hair healthy, trim it regularly every 4-5 weeks interval. It helps your hair grow healthier. Trimming your hair can also spring up your curls. It can also maintain the bounce appearance of your permed hair.

In trimming hair, choose the length you are comfortable with.

5. Do not tie your hair.

Avoid tying your hair in the first 2 days. It will deform your curls. Let it open for several days and you can ponytail or bun it as many times as you want.

Flaunt your permed hair. Tying the air might ruin the perm.

6. Cover your hair

Whether your hair is permed or not, avoid going out under the sun without covering it. The UV rays can stress your hair and damage it consequently. Use swimming cap when you go for swimming, it helps your hair protect from chlorine.

By covering your hair, it is also protected from the pollution and dust coming from anywhere. When you are in travel, use a hat or cloth that covers your hair in a fashionable way.

Sweet permed hair style

Permed hair can make a girl look charming and sweet and the same time.
Permed hair can make a girl look charming and sweet and the same time.

7. Avoid combing your permed hair.

Use your fingertips in combing your hair in the first 24 hours. Gently finger comb your hair and massage your scalp with your fingertips to relax it. You can also use large tooth comb instead. This is the crucial stage of your newly premed hair. You hair is in the adjusting period so avoid stressing your hair by combing.

Permed hair looks stylist and elegant. Taylor Swift and Beyonce are the famous women wearing a glamorous permed hair. To achieve their style, you must also know how to take care and maintain your hair.

Elegance and glamour depends on how you carry yourself. When you are bored with your straight hair, there is no harm in trying to perm it. After all today’s fashion trend becomes so stylish and creative.

Permed hair is not just for ladies. Most men permed their hair too. It’s all about fashion and being true to oneself.


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