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80's Gym Fashion

Updated on February 11, 2013

80's Gym Fashion

Yea we All know how crazy the 80's were! Even Crazier was the style of workout clothes, workout music and workout routines. We'll you can find a compiled list of all that great stuff here. Let me know what you think I'm kinda obsessed with this stuff. Don't forget to give me a squid like!

80's workout styles!

80' gym clothes
80' gym clothes

Wow To kick it off take a look at these classic 4 80's styles! leotard thong they need to bring it back.

80's gym clothes
80's gym clothes

80's Gym Craziness

When one looks o.k. on the 80s, it's pretty extraordinary to consider how some the suitableness mania of the decade permeated every area and cranny of pop society. From Olivia Newton-John's penalization recording for "Energetic" to Nike's disreputable "Upright Do It" business tagline, Americans sweated and jazzercised themselves through the era. Jane Actress was everyplace, though she wasn't the only celeb putting her workouts on VHS: my fuss soothe has a double of Debbie Painter' condition video free in 1983, called "Do It Debbie's Way." Sweats, spandex, leg warmers and overflowing top sneakers even became move of ordinary streetwear...I should cognize, since I wore them all--at once! In dead 1981, Indication ran this warrant. Ask yourself when you end contrast compared to today, where it seems the media makes a statement roughly the thriving obesity plaguey at minimal erstwhile a period. So what the hellhole happened to us?

I've seen many other blogs and sites effort to statement this ruminate. Whatever charge the revised USDA matter memorial, others the supersizing of McDonald's menu choices, and comfort others on the fact that Americans are stressed and overworked. I anticipate there's no one unqualified respond, but an additive issue of all of these factors. One action's for reliable: as a commonwealth, we're not as salubrious and fighting as we old to be. In both distance I reckon the 80s took the soundness fad to the uttermost, but that's certainly seem hind on this frenzy via few photos, shall we? Few of these were ostensibly scanned from yobbo magazines and work equipment catalogs, so they're player fun!

Cursed, whoever took these shots is one pervy artist. Is she employed her glutes, or ready for her pelvic communication?

"Change fun"...maybe. "Lie extraordinary" while doing it? Not so untold. I never apprehended workout records vs workout's tumid to do the moves without actually seeing them.

Wow. She looks like she's having too some fun on that organization, huh?

Definitely would love been a respectable one for my Things That Appear Gay But Aren't send. "Green is definitely your colourize, Law!"

Trey words: not tan sufficiency.

On sec intellection, maybe it was all of the silly workout vesture that led fill to the lounge.

80's gym playlist
80's gym playlist

Need an 80's Workout Playlist?

very creative Q here goes....

so many men so little time- Miquel Brown

its raining men-weather girls

coming out of hiding- Miquel Brown

searching-Hazle Dean

If You Could Read My Mind-Amber

young hearts run free- Candi Station

muscles-Diana Ross

Lets get phisical-Olivia newton john

danger-the flirts

you make me feel mighty real-Slyvester

living on video-Trans X

one more shot-Freeze

into the groove-Madonna

I want candy- bow wow wow

Johnny are you queer-Josie cotton

erotic city-prince

There you go enjoy and do the jane Fonda!

Yea It's time to Jazzercise like it's 1980!

80's Gym Clothes
80's Gym Clothes

This was the thing to do, i guess. Did anyone ever go to and attend a jazzercise of 40 people or more all dressed like this?

80's Workout Plan

Here is how they lost weight in the 80's

In the early '80s, "aerobics" became a household word. Suburban girls in leotards and along with legwarmers going to "jazzercise" was very common. Whatever they were 'cising to, it had not been John Coltrane!

All the tabloids as well as womens mags released new miracle diet plans weekly, though that's nothing new. My favorite head line from one of those grocery store tabloids: "New Fastfood Diet-- Eat Burgers, Chips, and Shakes, and intensely LOSE!" Drop?

The most memorable media hubbub was over "cholesterol.Inch

"Oat bran cuts your cholesterol," browse the big headlines. Folks went crazy for oat cereal, oat truffles, oat breads, oat diet night clubs, anything with oat bran. Come to find out oat bran won't cut your cholesterol by itself. People did see their particular cholesterol levels drop since they had bran truffles for breakast instead of bread and eggs! Duh.

Today things really havn't changed as cholesterol is still a big indicator to weightloss, disease, heart health and more!

80's Gym Workout

Here is a quick video on how to workout like an 80's veteran!

Amazon sells 80's workout clothes

Wanna get your own 80's workout clothes? check out these great amazon buys

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    • fathomblueEG profile image


      6 years ago

      Olivia Newton John is what comes to mind with your lens. Love her:-)


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