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8 gorgeous handbags for summer - white satchel, foral print, tote and more

Updated on May 28, 2012

Summer is just around the corner in Southern California and we are all getting another opportunity to show off our newest summer outfits. Aside from new trendy tops and dresses, handbags are an important part of our whole outfit. This hub talks about eight handbags that are very suitable for spring and summer. Hope you will enjoy it.

Coach Poppy pushlock satchel in white – The Poppy line in Coach is known to have lots of beautiful handbags. One of their newest handbags is called the pushlock satchel. It comes in a variety of colors, white, yellow, pink, brown and black. The light colors, white, yellow and pink, are all suitable for summer. However, the white handbag looks amazing because it can match many of your summer outfits. In addition to looking beautiful, it comes with a shoulder strap to free both of your hands.

Dooney and Bourke white with natural leather trim satchel – An all white handbag is beautiful but difficult to take care of. It will get dirty fast in the handles and corners area. This Dooney and Bourke white with natural leather trim satchel is the perfect solution for that problem. The trims and handles are a natural leather color which makes this bag a little bit easier to take care of. Furthermore, the natural leather complements the white leather perfectly for a chic look.

Free people's floral tote – Spending time at the beach is what summers are all about. You will need cute beach totes for that purpose. Free people's colorful floral tote is perfect to show off your style while carrying all of your essentials. You can complete the look with a bikini top and a pair of denim shorts. This tote will add some bohemian elements to your whole outfit.

Louis Vuitton Azur speedy – The Azur speedy is made for the summer. Its light colors and natural leather color trims are perfect elements for the summer. You can pair this bag with your light outfits and the whole look would be amazing. Depending on your weight and height, Louis Vuitton has 3 different sizes for you to choose from.

Louis Vuitton multicolor speedy – The multicolor speedy is a gorgeous handbag for the summer. It comes in white or black. But the white one is better for spring and summer. The colors on the bag makes an ordinary outfit look fun and stylish.

AE tote – A causal tote is perfect for many summer days. There are times when you just want to carry an inexpensive little tote for classes or fun trips. This stylish AE tote is perfect for those occasions and adds causal elements to your look.

AE pink tote with brown leather trim – The AE pink tote is perfect for the summer because of its light colors. This handbag is especially suitable for those that like feminine colors. The leather trim is thoughtful because it makes the bag much more durable.

Lacoste stripe tote – As you can see, totes are important for summer. During hot weather, you will go to the beach on a regular basis. It is important to have several different totes to match all of your outfits. The Lacoste strip tote comes in white / yellow or white / blue stripes. Both of these colors are fabulous for spring and summer.


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    • hubcloud profile image

      hubcloud 5 years ago from India

      wow... great to look at. Thanks for sharing.

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      cebutouristspot 5 years ago from Cebu

      I show this hub to my wife am sure she will love this :) Thanks for sharing