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5 Best Natural and Organic Sunscreens For Face

Updated on August 3, 2013

Natural sunscreen for face are said to be much better than those with harsh chemicals in them because they are safe to use and free of all kinds of allergies too. These days, organic sunscreens are much in vogue because they not only protect you from harmful rays of the sun but also protect your face from harmful chemicals too.

Enjoy The Sun Shine with These Sunscreens
Enjoy The Sun Shine with These Sunscreens | Source

Those who have been using chemical based sunscreens should know the basic fact that these gets accumulated on your skin when you use them over a period of time and might even cause skin cancer if you continue using the same.

In USA alone, around 1million people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year.So, it is better to stay away from these all the more because natural sunscreens are available in all cosmetic stores.

Natural sunscreen for face is one of the best because they help to protect your face from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. If you are living in hot and humid climatic zone, then they are a must for you.

Badger SPF 30 Sunscreen For Face & Body

This sunscreen is available for both your face and body and is completely organic. With SPF 34 it is quite effective in blocking the harmful rays of the sun.

The good aspect is that it is water resistant so you can wear it in monsoons too. Some of the natural ingredients which are found in Badger SPF 30 sunscreen include lavender, shea butter, vitamin E, olive oil, jojoba oil.

It not just hydrates your skin but also keep it soft and supple too, without making it look greasy at all. This all natural sunscreen comes with a light fragrance which is soothing too.

Just apply to your face and body whenever you move out in the sun.

Bronzo Sensuale SPF 4 Carrot Lotion

This suntanning lotion is made of natural botanical ingredients and aids in anti wrinkles and anti aging too. It is a must to have if you sun bath often and suffer from sun tan or sunburns too. (Read how to get rid of sunburns naturally at home).

This effective lotion comes with vitamins which nourishes your skin, it has antioxidant properties which relieves stress too. It is a vegan certified lotion.

The key ingredients found in bronzo sensuale includes shea butter, carrot, almonds, soybeans, olives, sesame oil. This is what makes it unique and worth having too.

What is more important about this lotion is that free of oil and thus will leave your skin non greasy. You can apply it on your face and body when you go for sunbathing.

Eco Logical All Natural Sunscreen for Face SPF30

Eco Face is a natural sunscreen lotion which is meant for your face. It is light enough so you can apply it daily on your face. The good thing is that it is non greasy and it is 100% natural.

You can use it under your makeup. It is hypoallergenic and does not clog your skin pores too. The USP of the sunscreen is that it contains a volley of antioxidants which helps to fight the signs of aging too.

Use it daily as a moisturising lotion and also protect your face from UV rays. This cream does not contain any kind of fragrance and apart from saving you from sunburns and suntan it also nourishes your skin well and provides nutritious support too.

Purple Prairie SunStuff Natural Sunscreen:

This sunscreen consists of 100% natural ingredients and helps to protect the skin from harmful UV rays of the sun. Available at just $24. You just need to apply it before going out in the sun at least 30 minutes before.

You just need to reapply it every time you go for swimming or if you are sweating a lot. It contains SPF 30. The key ingredients are organic cocoa butter and shea butter which nourishes as well as moisturises your skin from within.

Nature's Gate Mineral Sportblock

This natural sunscreen contains seed oil, glycerine, seaweed extracts, coffee extracts. It is a mineral based sunscreen which slides well into your skin and doesn’t make it look greasy. It is a fragrance free sunscreen which absorbs quickly.

This cream also contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. It is one of the lightweight sunscreens. One prime ingredient is Sea Weed Extract which is known for its revitalising properties.

It also contains Milk Thistle Extract which has soothing benefits while the Mimosa Bark Extract is effective in repairing and shielding your skin.

Buy Only Natural and Organic Sunscreens
Buy Only Natural and Organic Sunscreens | Source

How to choose the sunscreen?

Look out for the following things:

SPF Rating: If you stay outdoors for two hours or more then choose SPF 30 or even higher.

Broad Spectrum: If product has this labeled it implies it is effective against both UVB/UVA rays and thus can prevent skin cancer.

Water Resistant: Try to wear sunscreen which is water resistant if you are going out for swimming or running.

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What You Need to Know About Sunscreens?

Sunscreens help to protect our skin from harmful UV rays of the sun, thus you can say that they act as a shield and thereby prevent the occurrence of sun tan, sunburn and sometimes even skin cancer.

  • None can deny the benefits of using a good quality sunscreen. Remember to apply it even if it is a cloudy day because even if it is raining or cloudy, as much as 70 % radiations are bound to affect you.
  • Don’t think that if you have a darker skin you cannot suffer from tanning.
  • Also apply it not just on your face, rather any of the body part which is exposed to the sun.
  • You need to know that if you have applied sunscreen in the morning it won’t work all day long. Rather, you should keep applying it after every two hours to remain beneficial.
  • Don’t buy any sunscreen which has an SPF less than 30. It won’t work in most of the cases.


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