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9 Secrets To Looking Skinny in a Bikini

Updated on October 12, 2011

· Water is your best friend!

o One soda a day adds up to a whopping 91,000 calories in a year’s time; that is 26 lbs of fat!Hydrate your body and drink water instead.If you don’t enjoy the flavor of water, grab a G2 (the sugar free Gatorade), Crystal Light, or a Propel packet to add to it.

· Small changes can make a big difference!

o That extra piece of bread at a meal can cause you to gain 5 lbs. a year.If you decide to cut that out of your regular diet, you can lose 5 lbs. a year. People usually set a goal to lose weight for spring break or a wedding.If you keep up with these small changes you will change your lifestyle and keep seeing results appear!

· Park further away at the grocery store!

o Increase your activity levels.Increasing your amount of exercise and sticking with your same diet will allow you to lose weight.(Although, changing your diet and activity level will show you the most results.)Take your dog for a 20-minute walk, play a sport you enjoy doing, take an aerobics or cycling class, or just go for swim.Find something you enjoy doing and invite a family member or friend with you to help motivate you.

· NEVER skip a meal!

o Skipping a meal causes your metabolism to slow down to conserve energy, which means you will gain weight.Crash dieting allows you to lose weight for a few days, but then goes into starvation mode.It stores your fat and your weight loss comes from water and muscle.Neither of these are healthy or beneficial.Try to eat five times a day, small meals avoids being hungry and provides energy.Have a protein bar instead of a bag of chips.


o Eating slowly allows time for our bodies to send signals to our brain telling us we are full.Eating too fast causes us to overeat and gain weight.

· Goodbye starches!

o Stay away from all things white!Switching from white bread, white rice, and white potatoes to wheat bread, wheat rice, and yams makes a huge difference!

· Feeling low on energy?

o Your body needs food for energy.If you eat too much, then you’ll have excess fat…BUT, if you use up the stored fat, then you will lose weight.To do so, you need to reduce the amount of calories you eat and increase your levels of activity.

· Cook the healthy way!

o Baking or grilling your chicken without skin is less than half the fat of frying your chicken with skin on it.Just add some seasoning for flavor! My personal favorite is the Weber brand of Kickin’ Chicken.

· Cut the calories!

o Eating 300 to 500 calories less per day should allow a weight loss of one to two pounds per week.Some ways to do so are:

§ Cut down on unhealthy treats like deserts.You can cheat every once in a while, but save it for a special occasion.

§ Cut down on alcohol intake! That glass of wine after a long day at work sounds great, but there 85 calories in one glass!

§ Snack on proteins, not carbs!

About the author:

Miss Alex's mighty heart and soul make her the perfect match for not only for the HASfit team, but also as a women's fitness expert. Her lifelong love affair with fitness and helping others is the genetic make-up for a trainer who gets results. Miss Alex's personal athletic background includes gymnastics, cheerleading, and soccer. Her life's ambition is to help as many women as possible feel comfortable in their own skin.


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