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9 Eco-Chic Fashion & Beauty Products

Updated on April 10, 2013

Today's world urges everyone to be more eco-friendly and nature loving. Things which are hazardous to nature are frowned upon and slowly, everyone is starting to follow suit. The world of fashion and beauty has also joined the bandwagon to promote eco-friendly products for a healthier lifestyle. Cross-check these on your list!

Ocean Minded Footwear

Ocean Minded is a brand that practices the usage of recycled and sustainable materials in its footwear, apparel and accessories. Ocean Minded is indeed another one of nature’s favorite brands. It has been rooted in the action-sports market as a leading brand in high quality footwear, apparel and accessories. Ocean Minded is renowned for combining fashion, functionality and comfort together in all its product collections.

Skin Food

Living by the motto ‘good food for health is also good for the skin’, SKINFOOD is the first cosmetic brand developed with a unique concept of ‘food’ using organic products. Its product range gives complete nutrition to the skin through the strict selection of foods that are good for the skin. The products are scented and bottled accordingly to pamper you with the freshness and nutrients of main ingredients.

Stella Mccartney

A lifelong vegetarian and crusader for animal rights, Stella Mccartney incorporates her personal philosophy of committing to help protect the environment in her creations and products. She does not use any leather or fur in her designs, only materials that can be recycled. Her designs are wonderful amalgamation of fashion and environmental awareness that are free from any component that would hurt the ecology or derived from the cruel exploitation of animals. Recently, she came up with a lower price range of lingerie line. Made up of French Calais lace and silk, together with organic-cotton and recycled metal hardware, this eco-friendly Stella Mccartney lingerie collection offers five different bra shapes

  1. Molded underwire
  2. Low plunge
  3. Strapless
  4. Seamless
  5. Underwire-free style

Crabtree & Evelyn

Crabtree & Evelyn is recognized for its original fragrances, luxurious toiletries, gourmet foods and gifts. This eco-friendly brand has been wholeheartedly embracing the riches of the natural world by introducing product ranges made from fruits, flowers and plant essences to bring to you the extraordinary delights and pleasures of life.

Levi's Jeans

Levi’s is a brand that needs no introduction in the world of denim. Levi’s is a name to be reckoned with. Comfortable yet stylish with an array of designs and cuttings to suit all body types, the much loved denim brand has gone nature-conscious with its Levi’s Eco Jeans. These jeans are made from 100% organic cotton and grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

The Body Shop

Believing in going nature’s way to achieve a more beautiful you, this world-recognised brand is a proud retailer of naturally inspired, ethically produced beauty and cosmetic products. Clearly passionate about their “Protect the Planet” core value, The Body Shop continues to strive to produce products that are 100% biodegradable.

Mell Basics

All you cotton lovers out ther can jump for joy with Mell Basics. This brand screams ‘eco-friendly’ all the way! Being the first fully organic cotton designer basic brand in Malaysia that uses recycled paper packaging, Mell Basics uses organic cotton that has been grown without the use of dangerous chemicals, which has been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), recognized as the lading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers worldwide. A brand set to make the woman of today look stylish and environmentally conscious at the same time.

Burt's Bees

Mention beauty products that are organic and eco-friendly, and the first name that comes to mind is Burt’s Bees (even the brand name itself sound eco friendly. Haha!) That’s because the all-natural line of personal care has been around for the past 25 years. These is a collection that comprises care from head to toe as well as sun protection and products for babies and men.

Monkee Genes

With the motto of “no slave or child labor, blood, sweat, or tears”, Monkee Genes was established in the year of 2006 with a notable accreditations from The Soil Association and the Global Organic Textile Standards for their high organic standard products. This made in England collection is ranged from unisex jeans to girly skinny fits. While you can say velvet is outdated but Monkee Genes proves you wrong! This unusual velvet fabric piece comes together with vibrant colors that are so chic and trendy.

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