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9 Sweater Styles That Are Currently Trending

Updated on December 26, 2012

The winters are here, and with the cozy duvets and hot cups of cocoa and coffee, there's something else girls are looking forward to - winter fashion!

The look for the chill is all about layering, and good sweaters are a girl's best friend when it comes to layering.

From chunky knitting to soft cashmere, let's take a look at some of the trending styles for sweaters this season.

Tunic Sweaters

These are quite popular for they can work as a tunic as well as warm you up. Available in many different styles and colors from popular brands, pair them up with skinny jeans or tights and complete the look with long boots.

Chunky-Knit Sweaters

There is nothing that screams 'cuddle me' as much as someone wearing a chunky-knit sweater. Be it with a boat neck or scoop neck, plain or patterned,this is a timeless piece for your winter wardrobe.

Cable Sweaters

From neon pink to charcoal grey, retailers have been making some very feminine versions of these winter essentials. With a pleated skirt or a pencil skirt, these will really bring chic out in you this season.


These cropped sweaters come with long or short sleeves, and can be worn over a dress, tank top or a fitted shirt. The good thing about shrugs is that they give a more tailored look because it shows more of a well-fitting dress.


These are similar to shrugs, but are a more formal article of clothing. Usually, these cropped sweaters have rounded edges at the front that minimally cover it. So it's basically more sleeve and back covering than front.

Geo Sweaters

These are a fun piece for the winters. Now you can find quite creative versions of the geometric designs that make these sweaters unique. Be it zigzag lines, diamonds, triangle, or even circles, geo sweaters look great in any color from black to daisy yellow.

Oversized Jumpers

There's something casual, something fun, and something carefree about these sweaters that will likely make any guy go gaga when you wear them. A one-shoulder style worn over a tank top with skinny tights will not only keep you warm but will also make heads turn as you go out and about.

Which one of these have you tried during winters?

What's been your favorite style for the season?

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Cowl Neck Sweaters

If there was an award for the ultimately feminine sweater category, these would definitely win. With a layer of drooping fabric near the neckline, and a form-fitting body in cashmere, these won't easily wipe the pleased smile off your date.

Embellished Sweaters

Who said sweaters have to be plain all the time? A little beadwork, some sequins, or some flower embellishments can really pump up the look of any sweater. Whether the embellishments are at the neckline, end of sleeves, or at the shoulder, they’ll really spice up your look.

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