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A BEAUTY - ful Christmas- Websites for Christmas for the beauty junkie

Updated on January 28, 2012

Christmas gift for the beauty junkie

My girlfriends, including me, are beauty junkies. Beauty junkies are most popularly known as self-proclaimed beauty addicts. that it is Christmas - what to buy for them if budget is tight?

Too many that is... but I'll stick with online shopping. Before you do this, I strongly suggest that you cruise the malls, specialty shops, stores, mom and pop craft fairs etc. so you can see what is out there.

I came across this wonderful lady at Pismo Beach 2 months ago. She made her own soaps and oils. I bought 3 of her soaps and now I'm addicted to them. She has her website so I now order from her regularly. Again, EXPLORE EXPLORE... then, when you are ready to shop, go ONLINE ONLINE!

With a depressed economy, money is tight. Here are some websites that I've personally bought products from. - this site offers designer stuff like clothes, jewelry etc. There is no cost to sign up and once in awhile, they have deals on beauty products.

But let's get on with Christmas. is offering a a beautiful Limited Edition Michael Kors makeup set for $39.50 BUT you have to buy a fragrance. There's another offer they have for $57.50 [yes, you have to buy fragrance] but the products are worth over $340.00.

I ended buying that and bought a small perfume - in the end, I spent approximately $98.00 and shipping was free. Benefits? Well, there's sooo many products you can pretty much add some as stocking stuffer or as a gift on their own. You get 3 lipsticks, eyeshadow compact with 18 shades, a face compact, lip gloss,eye pencils and more. What do you get out of it? a nice perfume or cologne for yourself. - okay beauty addicts - I don't have to say more - - they have Value sets starting at $10.00 and what I love about this site are the reviews - very open, honest and trustworthy! Plus - you get free samples with your order. I've been buying products online with this company for over 10 years. Prices ranges from $2.00 up AND you get sooo many freebies and they offer free shipping. This site is excellent for those who are into organic-certified products. Products are high end - Made in France, Germany - -yes, very European. Yippee! another great site with fantastic beauty gifts ranging from $10.00 up. There are many "online offers" only - for ex - For $35.00 you get a big box of stuff - they call it The Luxury - it's a sample bag. Right now at this site, Dermalogica is offering a free gift with any $75.00 purchase. if you buy ANY of the perfume gift site, they all offer a "Free Gift with Purchase". Good for you and good for your friends - everybody wins! - Here's another great site. They have wonderful high-end products and with every purchase, you get 3 samples free. Great deals going right now for under 50.00. This would be the site for your "high-end" girlfriend. Shipping free for orders over $100.00. Another great site for the high-end friend - - your purse strings won't get stringy on this site-they have gifts for $35.00 and up and it's free shipping. This store is very "New York" - very worldly... ahhh, if only I had the bucks for this site. Raffy is a Certified Fragrance Sales Specialist. They can also MAKE YOUR OWN FRAGRANCE. All fragrances are $35.00 for 1.7 ounces. You choose the scents - whether it is a single note or complex. They offer fragrance blending services. If you know your friends well, they should appreciate that you concocted a fragrance just for them! Just got my shipment and wow - this site offers natural botanical perfumes. No synthetics or chemicals. Their perfume balms ROCK - and the price -soo reasonable. For example, I bought chiffonade for only $8.00 and Jasmina for only $7.00. Not sure of what to buy? For only $28.00 you get the whole sample set. Prices range from $7.00 and do not go higher than $15.00. I tried their body oils as well - the sample set is only $15.00. Their bath body products are contained in vintage milk glass bottles so not only will your friends or family be impressed but they will love this product line.

yes - indeed - too many websites and too little time. But it's best to hear from someone who actualy purchased products from the websites. Happy shopping!

<a target="_blank" href="">Shop Amazon Beauty - Valentine's Day Deals - Up to 40 Off</a><img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />



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