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A Big Mistake Most People Suffering With Dry Skin Are Making

Updated on October 4, 2010

Having dry skin can be painful.  It can cause extreme itching, and all that itching sooner or later takes its toll on your skin, Continuous scratching specific areas damages the skin and eventually causes your skin to get thicker.  Once it gets thicker it looks darker – because the only thickened parts of your skin are the areas that you are scratching the most.  More than likely you are causing a lot of that itching, by using a product you would  not even think is the root of all of your problems: soap.

Soap is a big problem today when combined with your already dry skin, because it only makes a bad situation worse.  The alcohol in it is your main problem.  Alongside the alcohol in the ingredients is the fragrance.  Next to that is some kind of dye.  Now, go to your bathroom cabinet and gather the soaps that you use when you bathe, when you wash your hands, even the hand sanitizer.  Read the ingredients, what do you see?  More than likely it all has drying/skin irritating ingredients. Do you think that this helps or hurts your dry skin?

Before My Time, And Maybe Yours :)

Back in the day, soaps were all vegetable base, and so soft they could easily be melted, cut, or shaped.  Now most store bought soaps are better known as detergent soaps.  They strip away the body's natural oils, because they contain many different detergents, chemicals, and preservatives.  Some of these chemicals also add that extra lather you probably love, which tricks you into thinking that it is good and cleansing for you skin.  Truthfully that chemical lather is drying your skin out more and it could be the main cause of your irritated, dry skin.  With dry skin, the effects of the harsh chemicals and dyes in these beauty bars dry out the skin more than they would for someone without dry skin or other skin problems.  This results in even itchier, drier skin than you would have had before using the soap. 

Safe Soaps For Dry Skin

Make sure you read the ingredients in what you are using on your skin.  Stay away from anything that has alcohol, dyes, and fragrance in it.  Light fragrance is okay sometimes if you really want to use it, but you really should pay attention to the cues from your body.  If after washing with a particular soap your skin begins to itch or your skin gets worse, you should stop using whatever you  most recently used.

The best way to know that you are not contributing to your problems with dry skin is by using an all natural or 100% vegetable base soap.  It should moisturize your skin, or help it retain moisture.  Some good soaps for you to use are glycerin soaps, and natural black soap.  They are both moisturizing to the skin, provide a good lather, and even effective deep cleansers.


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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

      Good stuff here! Great tips in a well-written hub--thanks!