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A Black Pearl Necklace Is The Perfect Accessory For An Evening Gown

Updated on March 21, 2011

A Black Pearl Necklace Suits Any Outfit

What piece of jewelry is right for every style of dress from a track suit to an evening gown? A black pearl necklace, of course! Nothing completes an outfit like a black pearl necklace. Even if you forego the neck candy, simple black pearl earrings top off everything from an evening gown to a business suit to jeans and a sweatshirt.

If you can’t afford the real thing, imitation will do just fine. But be warned, once you’ve felt a cool rope of cultured black pearls around your neck, you’ll never go back to fake again.

Real or Fake; A Black Pearl Necklace Is Hot!

It can be hard to tell with the naked eye whether a necklace is real or made of imitation pearls. The answer lies in how it feels. Cultured or fresh water pearls are smooth and have a bit of weight to them. The pearls themselves aren’t exactly uniform in size and the color of each pearl may differ slightly; though remain in the same color family.

There's something alluring about a black pearl necklace.
There's something alluring about a black pearl necklace.

Real black pearls will have a knot in between each pearl so they won’t wear against each other. And the real test whether a black pearl is a fake or not? Run them lightly along the bottom of your front teeth. If they feel sandy or gritty, they’re real.

There are many different types of black pearls, but when people are shopping for a necklace they will either see cultured or natural pearls in jewelry stores. A natural black pearl is formed in an oyster when a foreign body enters the shell. The oyster then secretes a calcium carbonate material called nacre that surrounds the sand particle or parasite that has made it’s way inside.

If you can't afford a whole strand of black pearls, opt for a less expensive pair of earrings.
If you can't afford a whole strand of black pearls, opt for a less expensive pair of earrings.

There Are Different Qualities of Black Pearl Necklaces

It is rare to find a perfectly round natural pearl since the nacre coating is usually not applied in a uniform way. If a naturally round pearl is discovered, it is usually reserved for royalty or those with a lot of money. Cultured pearls are formed the same way except the pearl farmer will insert a substance of round mother of pearl shell and a bit of mantle tissue into the oyster, which almost always results in a round stone.

It can take up to two years for a black pearl of gemstone quality to be formed.

The quality of black pearls is also defined by whether they were grown in freshwater or saltwater.

Freshwater pearls are grown in mussels, which can grow more than one pearl, whereas saltwater pearls are grown in oysters, which can only produce one pearl at a time. Also, with the waters of Japan becoming more polluted, the price of saltwater pearls has risen dramatically as fewer are found each year.

Take Proper Care of Your Black Pearl Necklace

There are a variety of other pearl colors to choose from. The most expensive are light pink and are followed by white, light cream, cream and dark cream or golden. But black pearls are the most exotic!

If you’re lucky enough to own a real black pearl necklace you must take proper care of it. After you have worn them, wipe them with a soft cloth to remove oil and dust. Never use any kind of detergent or ammonia based cleaner on pearls. Store them in a cloth bag and out of direct light or heat, as pearls can become brittle and crack. Take them for restringing every few years or so and take them to a jeweler for cleaning and testing of the string’s strength.

If you can’t afford the real thing, don’t despair. There are many good quality imitation black pearl necklaces on the market and they’ll do just fine.

A Black Pearl Ring Completes The Whole Ensemble!


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