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A Checkbook Cover Keeps Checks Secure!

Updated on March 20, 2011

Your Checkbook Cover Protects Your Valuable Checks

 Most people carry a wide array of objects including their basic cheap vinyl checkbook cover in their purses or bags, or even in their jacket or coat pockets: This can wear and tear can damage your checkbook cover and even cause some checks to fall out and get lost. A fine leather checkbook cover is great for protecting your checkbook from bending or tearing.

The checkbook covers you get with your checks from the bank is made of very inexpensive plastic and will tear and rip easily. You can select a luxurious and durable checkbook cover that you can purchase online or at an office supply store. Ordering online will usually net you significant savings from the prices typically charged by local stores. It's also more convenient to have your order delivered to your home.

A leather checkbook cover is stylish and elegant.
A leather checkbook cover is stylish and elegant.

A Vast Variety Of Checkbook Cover Styles

 A checkbook cover may have several uses. They regularly consist of a plastic folder and slot in which the checkbook and register fit but some include bill compartments, slots for credit cards, or outer pockets, allowing your checkbook cover to double as a wallet.

You can choose from pre-made designs and array of colors and images, or you can even customize one with your own photos. There is a wide range of options including photo covers, covers with calculators or printed leather. Many popular categories include animals, sports, tropical, retro or denim making your checkbook cover practical and attractive.

Why not personalize your checkbook cover with the photos of family?
Why not personalize your checkbook cover with the photos of family?

A Checkbook Cover To Suit Anyone & Any Check

The perfect accompaniment to a fine checkbook cover has to be one of the many matching accessories, such as a beautiful leather tote bag or wallet bag for the ladies, or for the gentlemen how about a great credit card wallet, a practical money clip wallet, a basic money clip or a luxurious mens leather wallet? There are many types of men wallet styles available, but the mens leather wallets have to be the most popular of all.

You certainly don't have to settle for the vinyl cheap checkbook cover that came with your business checkbook from the bank. There is a wide range of leather checkbook covers available that can add luxury and practicality to your business checkbook cover in order to protect the valuable checks within.

However, businesses are not the only entities that can benefit from upgraded checkbook covers, as there are many types of men's checkbook cover which are on the market as a fine leather checkbook cover makes for a wonderful mens checkbook cover.

If you want to carry your checks with you everywhere, the convenience of a checkbook cover wallet is unparalleled. Many of us like to keep track of our checks with stub, thus a top stub checkbook cover is the perfect fit for those taller cheques with stubs. Indeed, top stub checkbook covers are growing in popularity as many individuals are learning the advantages of having that top stub!

A checkbook cover can incorporate a pen holder too.
A checkbook cover can incorporate a pen holder too.

Craft Your Own Checkbook Cover

 If you're good with crafts you could even make your own checkbook cover. All you need is some stiff card or stock, your favorite material and some hot glue. You can even adorn the cover with all sorts of embellishments. Be sure to measure your checkbook for sizing before you begin.

Personalized checkbook covers are perfect for your business' promotional give-away. Have the cover imprinted with your personal marketing message or unique logo: Your customers will be reminded of you every time they write a check!

How To Make Your Own Holiday Checkbook Cover

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