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A Complete Guide to Remove Blackhead

Updated on April 18, 2011

A blackhead develops when the oily secretion from the sebaceous glands gets deposited in open pores on your skin. Blackheads usually appear on the nose or in the area around your ears. To effectively remove blackheads from your face, it is very important to understand why it occurs. And so was the small introduction to it. Well you didn’t really came here to know why blackheads appear on your face? So let’s move on and make your skin look healthier and shinier.


1. Mix 2 tablespoons of fuller’s earth with rose water. Continue mixing until it becomes smooth but make sure the pack is not thick. It should be just enough to hold on your skin. When the pack dries rinse your face with cold water. This helps remove blackheads and wrinkles and also makes your skin smooth and firm. You can try raw milk, lemon juice as a variation to rose water.

2. Mix one tablespoon of curd with one tablespoon of black pepper until the paste becomes thick. Apply it on your face and let it dry. Once the pack is dry wash your face with cold water. This would increase the shine of your face and help prevent formation of blackheads.

3. You can also try a mixture of vinegar and cornstarch. Do apply it only on the blackhead affected area. Let it dry and rinse with lukewarm water. This is one of the most effective ways to remove blackhead.

4. Cut round slices of tomato and apply it on the affected area. It is a great astringent and helps remove blackheads too. If the affected area is your nose. Then you should pulp it with oatmeal and apply. This would help reduce the blackheads too.

5.Steam removal of blackhead can also be a very effective way. Follow the directions below:

a. Take some boiling water and pour it into a vessel.

b. Then cover your face with a towel and sit with your face above the vessel which contains the boiling water.

c. Sit in this position for about 10 minutes or less if you feel your face is just about to set on fire.

d. Then wipe your face with the towel.

e. Now, with your face in front of the mirror. Try squeezing the blackheads out. Don’t squeeze very hard, as this might irritate the skin and cause more blackheads.

f. After you have removed the blackheads, rinse your face with cool and not cold running water.

g. Apply some anti-biotic cream and now you become anti-blackheads

So, that's all the black heads removed steami-ly. 

6. Another good home remedy which has worked for a lot or people including me is by making a paste of honey and cinnamon. Take 2 to 3 tablespoons of honey and mix it with 1 or 2 pinch of cinnamon. Apply it on your face. After 10 minutes rinse your face in cold water to remove the pack. This face pack is to be applied 2-3 times every week. This not only helps in removing the blackheads but also keeps your skin glowing.

7. You can also make a scrubber at home which you can use once every week. Let some rice soak in milk for 5 hours. Then grind it in a grinder. And its ready to be used. Just make sure your are not scrubbing the blackhead prone are a little too hard. Cause this might lead to increase in blackhead formation.



Tackling blackheads can be a frustrating task and I can feel it. Even I was a guy with blackheads on my nose, oily skin you know. A few months ago I started researching for the same on the internet and found some really good products which worked. Honestly, they don’t do miracles and I can assure you no product can do that. But, yes they can help you with removing blackheads; give them some time and they will do their job. Below is a list of products which I used and I hope they help you too.

How to use an Astringent

1.CLEAN & CLEAR DEEP CLEANSING ASTRINGENT: It’s a must buy. A cheap product which gives a glow to your skin and loosen the blackheads. And you can remove them using the Revlon Stainless Steel Blackhead Remover.

Directions to use Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Astringent:

i. Wash your face with cold water.

ii. Pour a small amount on a cotton bud and dab it on your face. And I mean your entire face.

iii. Enjoy the tingling of the astringent and make sure you use it twice everyday.

iv. Apply a moisturizer that’s is oil free after using the astringent.

How to use a Blackhead Removal Tool

2. REVLON STAINLESS STEEL BLACKHEAD REMOVER: I would suggest you buy it. It’s not just and easy to use option but a really cheap one too.

Directions to Use Revlon Stainless Steel Blackhead Remover:

i. Use this product after washing your face with a Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent. This would not only clean your face and give a glow to it but also, loosen the blackheads which will then be very easy to remove.

ii. Keep the tool clear by dipping it in alcohol in between extractions, and rinsing it off in hot water.Just drag the big loop of large areas to extract many white heads at once, such as your forhead/chin. Making sure to press it flat onto the skin, and running it over so that it presses out the heads. The smaller end is for targeting areas, such as the smaller parts of your nose, and any black heads that aren't removed with the big loop.

The best way to use this is to scrape/drag it over the skin, slowly, but deliberately. The smaller end can be placed over a specific black head, and dragged towards the end of the loop to fully extract it.

iii. Make sure to wash your face after using this, and apply an oil-free moisturizer.

3. BIORE DEEP CLEANSING PORE STRIPS: A good solution for a quick fix. The product comes with 7 face strips and 7 nose strips in one pack. Just follow the instructions below to make it really work. And always remember, it works good only after you cleanse your face.

Directions of use

i. Peel strip off the plastic liner with dry hands.

ii. Apply to skin, smooth side down, pressing down to ensure good contact with skin.

iii. Let it dry for about 10-15 minutes until stiff to the touch like a paper and then remove it gently.

How to use a Moisturizer for both and men and women

4. NEUTROGENA OIL FREE MOISTURIZER: The best of the lot is here. It is completely free from oil, comes with SPF 15 and is cheap. What else would you want. The best moisturizer for oily skin or combined facial skin types. What are you waiting for, buy it.

Direction to use Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer:

i. Take a small amount of moisturizer on the tip of your fingers.

ii. Apply it on your face gently with upward strokes.

iii. You are good to go now.


Open pores being clogged by dirt, dead skin and oil is not the only reason for the black beast to occur. Genetics, Medication, Hormones, Humidity, Cosmetics and your Diet can play a major part for the formation of the blackheads. While, there is not much you can do about your hormones and the genetics but follow the quick tips below and tackle all the rest of the reasons.

1. Drink plenty of water. It will flush your system of all the toxins and will keep your skin hydrated and your system well balanced.

2. Carry a hand towel with you at all times. And wipe of the sweat frequently. This helps by not letting various salts mix with the oil that the sebum creates.

3. A balanced diet has always been the path to a healthy living. So why not follow one? Get ready of the fast food, well it gets through your body really fast leaving all the crap behind.

If you still can’t remove your blackheads, give a visit to your dermatologist. I’m sure he can help.

If you liked reading this hub, please comment and follow me. Some more great tips are yet to come. Support me by buying things using the amazon link on this page. You will get the best deals and I will get a small portion of Amazon's Earnings. Thank You for reading my hub.

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      4 years ago

      Good remedies... thanks yo!!! Soo love it... Will try same!... Indians rite!


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