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A Credit Card Wallet: The Ultimate Men's Organizer

Updated on March 20, 2011

A Credit Card Wallet Is The Perfect Gift For Any Man On The Go

A credit card wallet is a wonderful gift for friends and loved ones, especially for those very hard to shop for men: husband, father or brother. A tasteful and elegant credit card wallet can be a wonderful addition to any man's wardrobe. Every man can appreciate the style and convenience of a credit card wallet!

The average credit card wallet today contains a considerable number of plastic cards. Whether it's club cards, credit cards, membership cards, or bank cards, people carry an average of ten to fifteen cards with them wherever they go. Can you count the number of times you've been in line behind someone frantically searching through their bulging wallet trying to find that debit / credit card or club discount card? So, how can you avoid endlessly searching for the right card? With a credit card wallet, of course.

Credit card wallets come in virtually every style and color.
Credit card wallets come in virtually every style and color.

Your Credit Card Wallet Can Be Whatever You Want It To Be

A credit card wallet may have more than one use. They are perfect for people who need to carry mainly cards. They're also great if you have many cards and just want to keep them organized.

With so many style and color options, your credit card wallet can be a fashionable accessory. You can get a credit card wallet in high quality leather, imitation leather, linen, suede, vinyl or canvas. You can have your credit card wallet in many shapes and sizes as well; tall, petite, slim or regular sized. Some credit card wallet closure types include magnetic, snap, zipper, buckle or flap.

A bi-fold credit card wallet made of fine leather is recommended as leather is durable and stylish. However, if you wish for something a little less expensive you may consider a high quality canvas credit card wallet.

A credit card wallet with a magnetic clip is great if you do not intend to carry a lot of money as it is more rigid than a classic bill fold wallet. It may also protect your valuable cards from being damaged.

A credit card wallet is great for company promotions. The size and shape of a credit card wallet make it a perfect canvas for imprinting your marketing message, company logo or contact information.

Some credit card wallets can hold a huge amount of plastic.
Some credit card wallets can hold a huge amount of plastic.

A Credit Card Wallet Is Available In Countless Styles

There are many types of accessories to keep your credit cards and currency organized. There's the popular and minimalistic money clip, and the hybrid money clip wallet which is a men wallet crossed with a money clip. You can also choose a mens leather wallet in the form of a wallet bag, or leather tote bag. The versatility of mens leather wallets extends to the personalization which can be done with initials, words, or even embossed images designed to match your other accessories such as your checkbook cover.

Whether it's known as a credit card holder wallet or a credit card organizer wallet, the mens credit card wallet is always a big seller. There's the ever popular leather credit card wallet, of which the Buxton credit card wallet is a real favorite. Many men prefer specialty features in their men's credit card wallet, such as a zippered credit card wallet or a checkbook credit card wallet. Although many are configured as a bifold credit card wallet, the small credit card wallet is becoming very popular as it fits neatly into tight fitting jeans.

Bifold credit card wallets can fold thinly but still hold lots of cards.
Bifold credit card wallets can fold thinly but still hold lots of cards.

Your Credit Card Wallet Can Be Attractive To Thieves Too!

 One thing to be cautious about when carrying a credit card wallet is not to carry all your cards with you at one time. Only carry the cards that you think you may need throughout the day. That way, if you misplace your credit card wallet or if it is stolen, you will not have lost all your cards.

Very Thin Credit Card Wallets Can Hold A Lot!

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