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A Fascinating Apparel of the Twentieth Century

Updated on February 18, 2018

A Fascinating Apparel of the Twentieth Century

A Fascinating Apparel of the Twentieth Century

Blue jeans, indubitably a hundred percent American innovation in the world of fashion, has now become a symbol of the young generation. Worn today by men, women, boys, and girls all over the world, it is the raiment that was quite unfamiliar to the inhabitants of the old world as a casual dress before the previous century. Today, the universities, colleges, schools, hotels, public parks, offices etc. around the world witness the immense popularity of the costume in the young generation. Be it T. V. commercials or ads in magazines or newspapers, whether of cold drinks or ice-cream, mobile phone sets or cell phone services, young boys and girls are seen singing and dancing, clad in blue jeans.
In the last decade of the previous century while the fashion traveled from its birth place---the United States---to the Asian and other countries of the east, its major target were the university campuses where young students cordially embraced this new item of cloth. Elderly people would raise their eyebrows upon seeing boys with unshaven chins wearing a dress quite new for the grandmas and grandpas, strolling upon streets and in the markets.
The charming blue costume has especially been embraced by the women all over the world. From the rosy white and ebony skinned girls and women belonging to Canada and the U.S. A. , Latin America, and Europe to the white and olive skinned Asian girls, there is a craze among them of wearing the wardrobe day and night in order to look smart and active in it. The reason for the so much popularity of blue jeans is its amazing property of conforming exactly to the body of its wearer. All kinds of other pants remain the same after having been worn. As for its market in the U.S. alone, more than four hundred and fifty million pairs are sold annually.
Jeans are shown as a staple dress of young teen girls of the western society by a majority of writers in their novels and short stories for girls. You would surely have seen the images of the globally reputed B.B.G. or Blue Bra Girl in news papers and on the Internet. Severely beaten and thrown upon ground by the Egyptian police, lying upon her back at the Tahrir Square, the upper part of her body is exposed except a blue colored brassier, and the lower part is dressed in dark blue denim.This unique piece of cloth has been a strong representative of freedom for all mankind ever since the two great wars. Besides, it has also served as a symbol of unity for the people living on both sides of the Iron Curtain. When in 1980, the Berlin Wall was being demolished, people were jumping joyfully around the wall. People from both sides of the wall whether men or women, all were wearing a common costume that had brought them together, and that were the blue jeans.
It was only during the 1970s that girls were allowed by the society to wear denim at schools in the United States. Before that period, women could not wear jeans except as a work wear. And now since the turn of the century, switching from bell bottom jeans introduced by Hippie Culture during the 1960 s, to the drainpipe jeans and the skintight or boot-cut pencil jeans, young boys and girls are seen at parks, clubs, and markets, playing, chatting, and shopping wearing the modern apparel, the heart of the young generation.

Since around 2007, the trend of wearing skinny, hip tight jeans has prevailed and is not going to end, perhaps, forever. Australian women seem to be at extreme in their love for skinny jeans. It was during the fall of 2016, a women in her thirties was brought to the Royal Adelaide Hospital suffering from pain and nerve blockading in legs . According to her statement, she was helping one of her closest relatives who was shifting to another town in packing. During her packing activity, she squatted on the floor all the day wearing tight pencil jeans. When in the evening, she started her journey back home in severe cold, the poor women was unable to walk anymore after going a few steps. She sat down by the road helplessly until some wayfarer came to rescue her upon her calling. The women whose name is kept secret remained in hospital for four days. The physicians at the hospital asserted that she had fallen pray to compartment syndrome.

The Blue Denim Jeans



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