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A Grunge Life

Updated on February 15, 2017

Recently, I took a little trip to visit Sarah Robertson, of Sarah Robertson Photography. I was incredibly excited for this photoshoot, not just because I'd be working with a talented photographer, but because of what I'd be wearing!

I enjoy photoshoots that allow me to dress outside my norm and play a character, but my favorite shoots are the ones where I'm allowed to just be myself. I can dress how I would normally and really let my personality shine! This was one of those shoots.

I, of course, had to wear my combat boots. I purchased these lovelies a couple of years ago at DSW and I've worn them almost exclusively sense. Yes, even in the summer! Who cares if I'm a little hot, if I can feel so HOT! Nothing makes me feel more confident, sexy, or powerful than a pair of combat boots. They're worn in and a little beaten and battered, but I love them all the same. And when has grunge ever been about looking clean, crisp and pristine anyway?

Funny story about those fishnets - I, shockingly, didn't own a pair of fishnet tights before this photoshoot. I, typically, wear solid black tights. But I absolutely had to have them for this shoot; I just new they'd make my outfit really pop! So, I went to my usual places - Target, DSW, Tilly's and nothing! Not a single store had fishnet tights. What in the world was going on? Had fishnets somehow become unfashionable? Maybe they are...I don't really know or care. But I was determined!

On a whim, I decided to check out the local party supply store. Now, keep it mind this was the beginning of February. No holidays around, other than Valentines day (which I assume would have people going to Victoria's Secret before they went to a party store). But alas! I found the coveted fishnet tights! And I'm so glad I did! They look totally awesome with my outfit and I'll definitely get more use out of them in the future. Another plus, they were only $7!

The shirt I wore for this shoot I bought second hand, so I unfortunately have no idea where it originally came from. The ripped up shorts were a lucky find at Tilly's and the flannel shirt is from Garage.

When I can, I like to shop second hand as much as possible. Not all of us are billionaires (I wish) and, in order to feed my clothing addiction, one must be frugal! I frequent Goodwill, Plato's Closet, and Uptown Cheapskate for bargain clothing and am usually pretty lucky with what I find. Goodwill can be a little hit or miss, but Plato's and Uptown are perfect stores for some thrifting. They only buy things that are fashionable at the time, so you're bound to find something you love for an amazing price! That shirt, $3!

My jewelry is almost always handmade by me - except my rings. How do you even make rings? I've tried, but I'm so lost! Necklaces, bracelets and even earrings occasionally I make myself in my spare time. It's a lot of fun and there's something special about wearing something you crafted yourself. It's just a little piece of me that I can carry around to show off my style even more.

I hope you all enjoyed this shoot as much as I did! I'd absolutely love it if you left me a comment below. Tell me what you loved, what you hated, what you want to see more or less of - anything! I just want to hear from you all!

Peace out!


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