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A Guide To Military Fashion Clothing

Updated on June 23, 2010
This image taken from Vogue, Russia, because, like methylated spirits, military fashion never goes out of style in Russia.
This image taken from Vogue, Russia, because, like methylated spirits, military fashion never goes out of style in Russia.

War is hell, but if there's an upside to all the senseless death and carnage, it's definitely the fact that olive green comes back into fashion. (Or Army green, as the fashionistas like to call it whilst they're dressing waif thin stick ladies in wide lapels with shiny brass buttons.)

I've been the proud owner of a lovely military sniper style jacket since long before military fashion was fashionable, but after 9/11, and I can tell you that from the stand point of a globe trotting traveler who has had cause to go through New York on several occasions, the military guys with the big guns outside JFK and that other airport (La Guardia) certainly appreciate it when we ladies dress up in pseudo military clothing.

You could support the troops by picketing for their return home, or you could support them by dressing just like them, albeit in a sassy, fashionable sort of way. I'm sure they'll really appreciate the fact that their sacrifice wasn't just made to secure oil resources, it was also made to make you look dammed good.

If you naturally have a skinny figure, military trends purchased from military stores (you know, the ones where you can buy old helmets and camouflage netting perfect for updating the look of the can be overbearing because they tend to be made of thicker fabrics and also be cut for male figures. Then again, if you have a naturally skinny figure, you can wear a burlap sack and seem fashionable in this modern society which is obsessed with largesse, but in an interesting contradiction, values nimbleness in its females.

If you'd like to blaze your own trail in the military trend, keep in mind that the watchwords of military fashion are simplicity and functionality. When you're wearing your military inspired fashion, take a moment to think to yourself 'could I be dropped into mountainous terrain and hunt down evil doers all whilst looking incredibly fashionable?' if the answer is no, simplify your outfit a little more and add a water bottle to it. Water is essential both in war-zones and in the cut throat world of being really really incredibly fashionable.

Military fashions can be purchased in a range of locations, from designer boutiques to opportunity shops to your local military supply store. Pick the outlet that fits your budget and go from there. (Preferably face down, crawling along the ground so as not to draw enemy fire.)


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