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A Guide to the Coobie Bra: Does One Size Really Fit All?

Updated on February 17, 2014

What is a Coobie Bra?

Yes- the Coobie Bra revolution is here... If you aren't familiar with this new one-size-fits-all bra, you are going to want to read on. Coobie is a brand- not a name for bra style. Just like the Wonderbra is a brand... A Coobie Bra isn't your ordinary wired, rib-stabbing bra. It's wireless, seamless and heck- even clasp-less! They come in three different styles: scoopneck, bandeau,v-neck and sports bra. Which one you choose will depend upon your personal preference and wardrobe, frankly. There are other bras with similar attributes- you've probably heard of the Genie Bra if you've been up late enough at night. Read on to find out if this new revolution is something you should embrace or completely avoid.

Coobie Bra
Coobie Bra | Source

Why Women Hate Bras

I am not going to lie- I have a love-hate relationship with bras. I hate how uncomfortable 90% of them are. And I love finding a bra that's actually comfortable and supportive. I hate being in an uncomfortable bra all day long and simply dreaming of the moment I can rip that puppy off when I get home. But, I also want a supportive, flattering bra. I don't want to look saggy, lumpy, or like I have a uniboob. Who does, right? Finding the right bra has been a fairly serious mission for me. I have large breasts that have decided to head south after nursing a singleton and a pair of twins. I am in my mid 40's and things just aren't as perky as they once were. I know you understand.

We all want to look good in our clothes. We want to be able to wear cute halter tops, strapless dresses in the summer and not have to worry about our breasts. But, if we have larger breasts or have saggy breasts, finding a comfortable, go-to bra that flatters can seem like an insurmountable task. Ugh!

If you read my hubs, you will know I write a lot about bras. I do so because I know I'm not the only woman who suffers from E.B.H. (Extreme Bra Hatred). If I find a bra I love, you bet your sweet bippy I am going to share it with the world. If I find a bra I hate, well I am going to share that too.

Read on to find out if the Coobie Bra is THAT love it or hate it kind of bra. Find out if there are cheaper substitutes out there.

When I choose a bra, I care most about...

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One Size Fits All?

Coobies are supposed to fit sizes 32A through 36D. They have a new full size that fits a 38D to 42D. Let me just say, when I first got my Coobie I thought it looked like a tiny sling that would fit my 14 year old. But, I slid that puppy over my head and was pleasantly surprised how much it stretched and molded to my less-than-small breasts. Yes, I do have larger breasts. I normally wear minimizer bras to keep the girls up north.

If you have smaller breasts, you will be fine keeping the pads in. But, they are these small triangular jobbies that really didn't work for me. Once I got those out- VOILA! And let me say, I am a little above the old D these bras purport to fit. It was comfortable, easy to put on, flattering, and the choices for colors and styles is ample.

Each bra comes with it's color-coordinating straps PLUS clear plastic straps. LOVE THAT! I have a very hard time finding a bra that I can wear with strapless dresses and tops. I don't have to feel like I am about to bust out of my bra or that I will find the bra at my ankles after an innocent trip to the bathroom.

One size fits all? Well, no... Not if you are a E or above.

Types of Coobie Bras

Coobie Comfort Bra

This is the bra you want for everyday wear- you know, the one you accidentally fall asleep in. It has wide straps for comfort, three sizes for better fit and it's the only bra I actually forget I'm wearing. Small is for sizes 30A to 34D, medium is for 34 to 36D, and large is for 38 to 42D. You can get a smaller size if you want more support. I do very well with a large myself. You can also get this bra in a fancier version with lace trim.

Don't think this bra will work as a minimizer- it won't. It holds up the girls, mind you- but you won't be getting any cup size minimizing with these bras.

You will feel comfortable as can be, however! It's the only bra I've come across that I actually forget I'm wearing.


This bra is a little fancier and better for "those" occasions. Again- it has convertible clear straps so you can wear it with your strapless dresses and tops. You can easily get away with wearing this in place of your favorite camisole or tank top!

As I said earlier, if you have larger breasts (like a C or above) you might want to try taking out the pads. They may be too small for you- they were for me. They are triangular in shape and just didn't cut the mustard for me.


This is the Coobie's best seller. It's a very versatile bra- has the pads, the interchangeable straps and works well with most clothes. It's a bit more attractive than their Comfort Bra... In my experience, it does NOT provide the same amount of support, however. If you are bigger breasted like I am, you may want to stick with the Comfort Bra. This also comes in a sexier version called the Coobie Lace Coverage Bra.


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    • Dynamic minion profile image

      Nimrah Khan 

      2 years ago from Islamabad, Pakistan.

      This is so informative!

    • Eiddwen profile image


      4 years ago from Wales

      Interesting and very useful.

      Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day.



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