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6 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Jeweler

Updated on August 14, 2016

Going to a jewelry store can be an intimidating experience. It doesn't have to be that way. Most jewelry salespeople want to help you find the best item for you. Even if picking out your item goes smoothly, you may not be taking full advantage of everything your salesperson has to offer. Here are some tips that will help you have a great shopping experience, get a better price, and even get some services for free.

What You Want May Not Match Your Budget

Are you always annoyed, because your jewelry person shows you items that are way more expensive then what you said you were looking for? Yes, there are unscrupulous people who want nothing more than to part you from as much money as possible. However, most of us are wanting to get you what you want for the price you want. Relationship is important in our business, and it's our first priority. We would rather have your repeat business instead of getting one big sale. However, what you are looking for, and the price you are willing to pay may simply not go together. We really do have people coming in looking for a flawless two karat diamond for under a hundred dollars. It just doesn't exist. I can show you items that are in budget, or I can let you look at my twenty thousand dollar solitaire ring. I'm usually going to show you the ring first, simply so you realize what you are looking for is nowhere in your price range. Plus, it's fun to try on a twenty thousand dollar ring. Then we can go to the items that are in your price range, and pick from what you can afford. Most of the time the disconnect of price and budget isn't quite so extreme, and at least half of our customers choose to increase their budget instead of settling for something they don't want. It's a polite way to let you know your budget is unrealistic, and to let you decide whether you want to pay more, or buy something else.

Our Warranties Are Usually Worth it

You hear all the time about how it's a bad idea to buy warranties, and that they are a waste of money. This isn't really true for jewelry, especially if you plan to wear it regularly. If you buy a gold chain, and you wear it all the time, the gold will stretch, and your necklace will start breaking more and more. This has nothing to do with the quality of the items we sell. It is based on the fact that fine jewelry is made out of precious metals, and those metals are soft. If you have a wedding ring with prongs, and you wear it all the time, those prongs will wear down, and our warranties will usually fix them for free. If you don't get them fixed, then you will eventually lose a stone. We don't push these plans because we are trying to separate you from more money. We push them, because we have dealt with unhappy customer after unhappy customer that didn't realize you can break jewelry just from normal wear. Most of these plans cover normal wear and tear. If they don't go somewhere else. A lifetime plan is a better deal than a two year plan. Most jewelry breaks after a couple of years. An added bonus to these plans that more people really should take advantage of is you can send your jewelry in simply for looking a little beat up. If your gold has gotten a few scratches, or if you feel like it needs a deeper clean than you can get in store, send it in, it's usually included.

We Will Clean Anyone's Jewelry for Free

Most jewelry stores have a policy where they will clean anyone's jewelry for free. We do this, because nine times out of ten it leads to conversation, and a possible purchase. It's a free service that benefits both parties. You get sparkly clean jewelry, and you'll look in our cases, and possibly buy something. We also alert you to any need for repair when cleaning your jewelry. This can save you money down the line, because repairing prongs and soldering is usually cheaper than replacing a stone. The best time to do this is when the jewelry person is obviously not busy. We will take more time over your jewelry, and you'll get a better clean, and we will look more closely for potential repairs. Also, please make sure your jewelry is made of a precious metal. If your jewelry isn't made of karat gold or sterling silver, we usually can't clean it. We use chemicals that can turn the colors of other metals, or destroy finishes of jewelry that is not made of precious metals.

We Usually Negotiate

Most jewelry is priced with wriggle room. The more expensive the item, the more true this is. We also have sales goals, and we are commission based, so if it's a really slow day, and we are low on sales we are usually willing to deal a little. We won't always offer bigger discounts, but if you ask, then we usually can. Sometimes we can't do it on our own authority though, and we have to get a manager involved, so don't do this when we are busy or you're in a hurry.

We Know What We Have That's Worth Buying

Most of the time, when someone comes in to buy jewelry they have an idea in mind of what they are looking for. Sometimes though, you just want a nice present, or something pretty for yourself, and don't know where to start. This is the best time to ask which ones are our favorites. We seldom buy our favorites, but we look at this stuff all day long, so our favorites are usually items that are good quality, unique, or a good deal. Sometimes, they are all three, but that is when we usually break down, and buy something. Still, it never hurts to just ask this question, because if nothing else it will give you ideas of what you don't want. One warning with this question, if you cannot figure out what we see in a favorite, it may not be a favorite. We are sometimes told to push specific pieces of jewelry. So if it doesn't look like a good piece of jewelry, don't go for it.

Ask To Be On Our Mailing List

Are you always looking for a really good sale? What about an item that no one else has? Ask to be on our mailing list. We'll send you a note in the mail for major sales and shows. Pick a jewelry person you like working with to ask this though. As a general rule whoever mails you the letter is the one that works with you when you come in. Yes, you will get letters for events that you have absolutely no interest in, but you'll also get notes when clearance has an extra 40% off. It's worth it in the long run, especially if you buy a fair amount of jewelry.

Your jewelry salesperson is there to help you. If they are not removing the stress, and making buying jewelry a better experience for you, then maybe you should try someone else. Either way, these tips and tricks will help you maximize what you get out of any jewelry salesperson.


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