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A Leather Tote Bag Is Your Mega Purse Solution!

Updated on March 20, 2011

A Leather Tote Bag Can Carry Anything!

A leather tote bag is a practical yet stylish item that is perfect for many occasions. A leather tote bag can be used as a handbag or purse, or to carry other items such as school books, a laptop, or a beach towel. Some people even use their leather tote bag to carry their pet.

Leather tote bags contain many compartments for organizing and storing your personal items. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, it looks great with almost any outfit.

A Leather Tote Bag Can Be Practical & Beautiful

Leather tote bags are great for travelling on an airplane. They are large enough to accommodate everything you may need on a long overseas flight. If you're environmentally concious you could even use your leather tote bag as a shopping bag.

A leather tote bag is the ultimate fashion accessory.
A leather tote bag is the ultimate fashion accessory.

Leather is a durable material that holds up under frequent use, but consider your budget carefully. You may want to invest in a more expensive leather tote bag as it is made from a higher quality material and is likely to last many more years than a cheaper one. Be sure to carefully examine the bindings of a leather tote bag. You don't want a purse that is held together by glue and will likely fall apart if you carry heavy items in it.

Leather tote bags come in almost any color imaginable but you may want to choose a neutral tone such as tan, brown, gray or black. One of these colors will likely match most of your outfits. Then again, if you really want to make a statement or stand out, opt for a bold or bright color.

Nothing is quite as luxurious as an original Chanel leather tote bag.
Nothing is quite as luxurious as an original Chanel leather tote bag.

Combine Your Leather Tote Bag With Other Accessories

A leather tote bag is great, but how about pairing it up with a fine leather designer wallet bag for those fun nights out? Don't forget your checkbook cover or credit card wallet as you never know when you'll have to confront an unexpected expenditure.

If you have a special man in your life and there is an occasion for giftgiving coming up, why not consider one of the many types of men wallet on the market? Of course the mens leather wallet is the most popular type as nothing matches leather's durability, beauty, and sensuality. If you decide that you are going to purchase one of the many mens leather wallets available, by all means look at the money clip wallet, as it is a wallet and a money clip in one!

Whether you choose a small leather tote bag or a large leather tote bag, your leather tote handbag will always look stylish and attractive. A black leather tote bag is de rigeur for those business appointments and if you're taking your computer with you, a leather laptop tote bag will let you get to that meeting in style.

There are many designs of leather tote handbags, and some women prefer the quilted leather tote bag since its dimensional, embossed appearance is quite lovely. Of course if you can afford one, there is nothing that can compare to a fine designer leather tote bag, so a leather shoulder tote bag from a world famous designer can certainly be a valuable investment that will give you years of pleasure.

For those on more modest budgets, a canvas leather tote-bag can be a functional and practical alternative to spending hundreds of dollars. You can even get a pink leather tote bag for those days that you're feeling particularly girlish!

A large leather tote bag can hold almost anything!
A large leather tote bag can hold almost anything!

Choose A Designer Leather Tote Bag

 If a designer leather tote bag just isn't in your budget or you don't want to carry a genuine leather bag, there are numerous inexpensive alternatives. You may be able to find a replica of the bag you desire or something stylish by a "not so famous" designer brand. You could also choose a leather tote bag made of imitation leather, although will not last as long as the genuine article.

Another budget friendly option is a canvas tote bag. Plain colored canvas bags are a thing of the past as they now come in every color and funky designs.

A Leather Tote Bag Testimonial

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