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A Little Information About EL Wire Clothing

Updated on July 30, 2011

EL Wire - How Can I Use It

Electroluminescent wire (El) can be used to add creative lines and artistic creations of illumination to a variety of clothing items such as jumpsuits, bras, jackets, coats, pants or hats. El wire clothing is fun for clubbing or to add illuminated visual effects to concerts, shows and performances. Many people enjoy designing clothing with El wire; some are even inspired to create clothing items for movie or music stars.

El wire kits include a battery powered control box and the wire. With the lights off, clothing items when designed with Electroluminescent wire, looks like a flashing neon sign. It attaches easily to clothing with the battery supply hidden beneath the fabric. When you wear electroluminescent clothing, you will instantly light up the room. These el wire kits include everything that you need to get started with your own designs. You are only limited by your creativity. For artistic people like clothing designers - electroluminescent wires allow them to express their creativity when they design clothing for special events.

For anyone curious about electroluminescent wires, there isn't any special equipment required to attach the wire to clothing. You can use regular fabric glue and sewing thread. All it takes a basic loop stitch to securely attached the wire.

Great For Movie Stars Even

El wire clothing uses electroluminescent technology to give off the glowing neon effects. For special tours, concerts and show promotions, costume designers love to use electroluminescent wire (El wire) to create amazing, lighted effects.Even Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas promote the technology in their stage performances as well as Daft Punk, MIA and now many others. It is almost becoming a right of passage among pop stars.

It is also flexible, durable and water and weather resistant. El wire consists of several layers of wire with a copper core combined with a phosphor material, which keeps water or moisture away from the wire. To glow brightly, El wire clothing requires the use of a high voltage power supply. The light strength and the range of the neon effects, depend upon how much power is supplied.

Clothes designed using EL wire can add to the entertainment value at birthday parties or other private events, there is special care required when cleaning the clothing to maintain the light effects. If the clothing is permanently affixed to an item that is worn repeatedly, the item should be spot cleaned or hand washed. Clothing should not be machine washed; even the delicate cycle of the washing machine will damage the plastic tubing around the wires.

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