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A Make-Up Thing: The Make Up I own and How I Rock It

Updated on July 28, 2017

Like any woman on female hormones, estrogens and progesterone, I love my make-up. I have seen countless videos of women covering themselves with layers of opaque makeup, nothing remains to be seen, not the lips, the eyebrows, acne or the battle scars and loved every one of them. The layer of the make-up is not thin by any means, it takes almost half of the normal liquid foundation bottle I believe to achieve that kind of look.

I have idolized the techniques from moisturizing, to priming, to gluing your eyebrows before putting on powder and liquid foundations so that they stick so badly, not a freaking centimeter of the hair is visible, and then eyebrows are carved by eye pencils with an expert skilled hand, a sharp thick brow as is the trend today. Okay I admit I hate the gluing part; it has horrified me.

The make-up I own is quite simple. I have a bottle of cheap local liquid foundation, I don’t know why but I have come to believe that local cheap make up is probably better than pricey imported items. I like it, it works just fine for me. I also had an expensive face powder, which I had loved. I have two tubes of dual toned cream highlighters, one golden and another one bronze. I do not own any eye shadow palettes whatsoever; I do yearn for nice pigmented ones. I have lipsticks, I love them, a deep red one, two peachy ones, a maroon one. I had a purplish one, it is missing.

I love nail polishes; I own quite a few. Green, two shades of bronze, a golden, a deep red, brownish, maroon, metallic red- my favorite, a plain glitter one I like to put on as an extra coat and a transparent one.

The first thing I like to do is to moisturize my face. After having moisturized, I wait for the moisturizer to sink into my skin before applying the foundation. Taking a bit of it on my hand, I like to apply using my hands honestly, with slow motions I cover my skin with an even layer. I have been using the sponge but it absorbs more foundation than applies it. After having dabbed a generous dollop all over my face, and letting it again set, I move on to the highlighters. I take a small amount of it again on my index finger, and apply it on my cheek bones, making sure no sharp edges of layer survive, under the eyebrow, on my chin and along the nose to the bridge. Taking enough to high light and not turn the skin golden or bronze.

Then I move on to the lipstick, I choose a color suitable to the mood and apply it. And I am ready for that day. I apply the lipstick without using any brushes at all, but perhaps the brush application would solve the smearing problem to some extent. Nude lip colors actually look quite nice. I do not prefer shiny glossy glittery lipsticks; they should be matte.

Of course I keep my nails polished, that is a regular thing. The secret that I have learned so far to flawless application is not to try to cover the whole nail, leave a little bit of the sides uncovered, unless they cover themselves. For the lasting look, I use a transparent nail cover which I had bought precisely for that purpose. Or the transparent glitter one, the glitter one holds better because the glitter actually sticks and solidifies much better than just plain transparent polish.

That was my makeup routine, that I have used in the past and continue to use. Yes I know that eye shadow application is quite enticing. Smokey eye makeup has always been a hot favorite. The eyes look stunning under the thick lushness of the false eye lashes. I will never apply false eye lashes. They look artificial, almost drag. Mascara ah yes. I believe make up should be simple and should highlight the natural beauty of a woman. It should not completely overshadow the features to the point of complete transformation, a person indistinguishable after having removed her makeup, unless they are actually trying to achieve just that.


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