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Men's High Heels | Manly Fashion Must Haves

Updated on June 9, 2010

High heels for men. This is a new one for a lot of men, even for men who often wear lingerie and other items of women's clothing. Of course, for a great many men, the notion of high heels is not a new one at all, indeed they adore their high heels and if they had it their way, would wear almost nothing else.

The problem with high heels when compared with other items of women's clothing is that they're dreadfully hard to hide. You can wear lingerie all day without anybody knowing. With the modern trends towards skinny jeans, you can even wear womens pants and blouses without too many eyebrows being raised, but high heels, well, it's hard to pretend that you found them in the men's section of 'Manly Man Clothing Inc'.

Here's the thing though. Humans have very bad historical memories, especially when it comes to events that took place before they were born, and therefore, weren't around to see, let alone remember. High heels were first invented for men. That's right. Men.

Even today, high heels should be considered more masculine than feminine in my book because they add height, and as everybody knows, height is considered a very masculine trait. In fact it is such a highly prized masculine trait that taller men do better in politics and are promoted more often than their shorter counterparts. Indeed, when one considers just how much height is valued in men, it seems a little odd that women should want height at all. After all, is a woman who wants to be taller not in some way expressing a masculine trait?

Pointy stilettos may be difficult to pass off as masculine as we have a fixation with associating dainty things with femininity, but nice thick wedge boots with high heels should work for most men both in terms of comfort and wearability and in terms of convincing masculinity.

Just because a man wears high heels he doesn't have to look like an extra from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. It is entirely possible to wear heels with normal masculine attire, indeed, women wear high heels and jeans all the time and there's no reason why a man can't do the same. Even if he simply wears them under his business attire he will reap the benefits of not only being a fashion leader, but by appearing a great deal taller than he actually is. Perception is everything in this shallow modern world, so work your high heels gentlemen!


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    • profile image

      chevy34_00 7 years ago

      A man who enjoys wearing high heels can never have too many of them.