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A Most-Wanted!!! - Speck CandyShell for the iPhone, but Plain Jane isn't my type

Updated on July 15, 2010

Boring case wins award.

Apparently iLounge has crowned it the accessory of the year 2009 award. Really makes me wonder why. I was intrigued with the seemingly great reviews for such a plain looking case that i went to get one for myself to see what all the hype was all about.

The first thing that will strike you is the variety of different colours that are available. They range from the purple of barney to the white of stormtroppers. The cases have a 2 colour combination that is tastefully selected and brightens up the case. the main body is of a colour with another contrasting colour which borders the screen.

The case is both plastic and rubber. The main outer body is a hard plastic which will protect from reasonable knocks and drops. The areas with the contrasting colours, such as the inner case layer and the border of the screen, are rubberised. This holds the iPhone in place. This is a good alternative from plastic cases that do not have a rubberised inner layer and may scratch your dear iPhone. However, the hard plastic is rather prone to scratches. I've noticed them just a day's use. But its the job of the case to shield your iPhone from scratches anyway. The rubber area do tend to get dirty. If you are extremely particular with your case looking new for as long as possible, i recommend that you get a darker colour to mask the dirt and scratches. The case edges out from the screen enough for the iPhone to be placed screen-down and not have contact with the table. You would have no problem flipping the iPhone screen-down when you need or want to. The rubber does help prevent the phone from slipping but does get dirty from various contacts.

With the CandyShell, your case is almost entirely protected. The sleep and volume buttons are actually covered. Even though covered, sensitivity is not loss and there are no issues with operating them. This case though expensive at USD$34.95 is of excellent quality. The telltale with lousy cases is normally the camera and vibrating switch cut-out. The CandyShell is has perfect cut-outs, portraying the high quality of Speck products. However, you should note that the earphone jack cut-out is pretty small. It will fit the earphones that came with the iPhone perfect, but you would have trouble fitting after-market models as the cut-out is pretty small. In my opinion, the supplied earphones with the iPhone works great and most people would probably consider this issue moot.


- excellent quality

- comes with screen protector

- protects iPhone well

- wide variety of colours

- lightweight


- expensive

- bulky

- plain looking

- earphone cut-out rather small

Plain Jane just isn't my type...

The case is excellently built and designed. However, you should note that the case does add a considerable amount of bulk. In addition, other than the great colours, this case has absolutely nothing that stands it out from the other. I seriously do not understand the hype over this case.

Being a person who loves unconventionality, this case just isn't my type. However, it does work great and does have awesome colour schemes.

I present it a rating of 7 upon 10


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