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A Personal Review of Torrid, a Plus Size Clothing Store

Updated on December 17, 2010

How I Found Torrid

I found Torrid in the summer of 2010, which at this point was about half a year ago. I am a bigger girl and was shoping for a desperately needed new wardrobe for my next term of college. I had reacently lost 20lb, but I am still big and curvy (you know, I actually have a chest and hips,) and was finding out that I was still Not in any size range that other stores seemed to care about. After going out with my mom to Wal-Mart, Sears, and a few other places I was trying to be stoic about having literally tried on over twenty shirts and having found one that fit. I was resigned, because shopping for me was always like this. So what if I had been really excited about finally trying on something g outside the men’s department. So what if I had watched a marathon of What Not To Wear in order to prepare for my shopping spree. So what if I was finally determined to try something on and get in to fit, as opposed to grabbing xxxlarge and just running with it. I was resigned, because this is how it always went and I thought I just hadn’t managed to get thin enough to have nice things this term (although I still have a suspicion that no matter how skinny I get I would still never have the flat as a board chest that cloths these days seem to require).

Even though I was resigned and doing a good job of not letting it bother me my Mother was not giving up. At some point while I was trying to fight my way into and out of the biggest size that Sears offered she left the dressing room and hunted down some help. She found one of the employee girls who was a bigger size, and who apparently was wearing fabulous clothes. My mother found out where she shopped and realized that one of those stores was just around the corner. After buying the one shirt we went to find a store called Torrid. 

My Experiance

It was wonderful. Their whole selection was full of clothes for younger women. I was used to only being able to find clothes that looked like they were meant for Seventy-year old women. When we entered the store the ladies working there were genuinely friendly and not at all the pushy sales type. They had more expensive clothes then Wal-mart so I looked for some clothes in the large discount rack. Their discount rack was full of normal beautiful clothes, not just the crazy stuff that nobody would buy. I found a few shirts (in their smaller sizes too!) I loved everything I tried on because for once in my life Everything fit! I even had to go down a size. All of their shirts were built for girls with a real chest and they were built to flatter and show off curves. I must admit that many of their tops were a little Too sexy for me, as they kind of put it all on display. However, as Torrid there were sexy clothes, punk clothes, and cutesy and feminine clothes. I got a bunch of stuff for cheap because their discounts are great. As I was trying on stuff the staff was so helpful and really knew their inventory. I would tell them I wanted a black knit shrug and they would pull for me just what I needed. If I needed a different size they were there to help. I felt that they really knew what I needed because they were all curvy like me. At the end I got their free member card that would give me a discount 5% for a whole year after I bought $250 worth of clothes.

Other Items Available at Torrid

So needless to say I love this store! I love their wide selection of tops, and they sell lingerie, jeans, boots, belts, jackets, and jewelry. I have bought tops and jackets from Torrid but I actually don’t like their jeans because they are almost all tapered leg jeans so that you can wear tall boots. Their jewelry selection has lots of long necklaces and large rings, with many animal themed items. Their boots are also for larger feet and wider feet.

Torrid is a plus size clothing store for curvy girls from ages 16 to 30. It was opened in 2001 as an option for bigger girls who wanted to have the option of fashion forward, sexy apparel. Their price range starts at around $25 for tops, $60 for winter jackets, and $40 for jeans. Their sale items are usually around $20.

Their largest size is for a 55" bust, 48" waist, and 57" hip.


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    • profile image


      22 months ago

      TORRID, YOUR SUPERVISORS OVER THE PHONE ARE PLAIN DISRESPECTFUL. I have spent over $900 in the last 3 days on your site, I was so happy and excited for it. When concerned that an order wasn't being shipped I called your costumer service that was actually quite nice but when I got to the spanish speaking supervisor that was supposed to contact my bank I was appalled. She said that every one else I had spoken to before were wrong and that torrid doesnt ship to addresses that are different from the billing. She was BEYOND RUDE saying that my order of $600 is now being cancelled unless I agree to have it shipped to the billing address and pay the international fees. EVERY single order that i placed before had a different billing and shipping and they were shipped and EVERY single representative other than her said that it was possible without a doubt. Now this lady says its incorrect, cancels my order, tells me it will be a week before they drop the hold they have on my $600 and not only that, she says that every order I place with my account from now on she will cancel. I can't believe this. After 5 minutes on the phone with me, while she is trying to hang up on me I tell her to please not because I am confused by what she is saying she says: well i have explained it to you before and I wont explain it again. Sorry for my language but are you for fucking real?! I spend over an hour over the phone being told by several supervisors that my order will be shipped once I contact the bank without a problem and after 5 minutes with her she is annoyed with me?! Since when is this acceptable? Is this how you treat all your costumers or are you just discriminating against latinos?

    • profile image

      Sarah grimsey 

      3 years ago

      I use to shop torrids n hot topic when I lived in Washington I love the goth look n miss the clothes n Gothic jewerly

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Can anyone tell me if the sizes are true or do their clothes run small? I have never ordered anything from Torrid before and want to make sure I get the right sizes. Thanks in advance!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I love their clothes!! I've never been lucky with buying online but everything actually fits!! I love their jeggings and now proudly own 4 pair of them! While they are not cheap, I don't mind spending a little more for comfort and fit. I will be a loyal shopper of Torrid in the future!!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      They are liars, ugly attitude people don't shop with them!!!


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