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A Quick Guide To Blazers For Men

Updated on March 14, 2016

Great fitting blazers for men provide a sudden burst of masculinity. The cut of a blazer will narrow the waist and broaden the shoulders, creating an amazing silhouette. Even though a blazer is somewhat less formal than an entire suit, it commands the same respect. In addition, a blazer makes the transition from professional to social attire simple. This unique look works from the conference room to the bar. Therefore, a good blazer is essential to any man’s wardrobe.

Choosing The Right Blazer

When shopping for blazers for men, there are a few things to remember. You need to choose the right type of blazer that fits well and is the most flattering color.

While there are several different styles available, the standard two-button and double-breasted blazers are classics. When choosing a style, keep in mind where you will be wearing the blazer most, whether at the office, formal events or casual outings.


The Right Blazer Will Fit You Well

A blazer that is too tight will make an “X” when you button it and the sleeves and shoulders will have pulls. If the shoulders of the blazer extend beyond your natural shoulders and appear wrinkled, it is too loose. In addition, the cuffs of the blazer should not go past the knuckles of your hand.


Once you have chosen a style and a fit, the last thing to select is a color. Think about your current wardrobe and the colors that will blend the best. Keep in mind that navy blue and gray are the most versatile colors for men’s blazers. If you are shopping for a casual blazer, tan and brown are excellent options. For something a little more fashion forward, try maroon or bright blue.

When wearing your blazer, you have a number of different style options. Pair with a dress shirt and tie for formal events. Wear over a sweater or cardigan to add texture. A blazer over a nice button up oxford is great for practically any occasion, while a polo shirt offers a sportier look. For a stylish casual look, put your blazer over a V-neck T-shirt and wear with your favorite jeans.


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