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A Tutorial on Applying Simple Long Wear Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

Updated on July 30, 2014

Makeup to accent the eyes

It is always great to work with your natural beauty. But sometimes you want to try something new, trendy, or dress up and go out. A lot of women shy away from makeup because it can easily wipe off or it just is not easy to apply. But the "eyeliner primer" method is a way to extend your eye shadow wear for any look. And this tutorial shows the basic outline to get a dramatic but simple monochrome smokey eye.

Eye Emphasizing Smokey Eye Makeup

Materials for Smokey Eye

First you will want to start off with the right products. For my smokey eye shown here, you will need:

OR for an ultra-dramatic night look, try Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mono Eye Shadow Night Jewel

I found these products (and more! Including jewelry, clothing, hobby, phone accessories, etc) at

Brown Smokey Eye Steps

Step by Step Brown Smokey Eye

1. Start by lining your upper lashes with the brown liner (inside to outside motion). I extend with a slight curve about half an inch (1cm) past the outer corner of the eye, curving toward the end of the brow.

2. The upper curve of the smokey eye generally follows the upper bone of the eye socket (just above the lid). I turn the pencil on its side and generally start from the outer edge inward. Take care to not use excessive pressure around your eye. A softer pencil is best (warm to room temperature at least). This line can be thicker or thinner depending on how dramatic you want the shadow (all the way to the brow if you wanted). I generally go a quarter inch or so and soften the edge if needed with a finger or cosmentic sponge wedge.

This eyeliner "fill in" is working as the eyeshadow 'primer' which gives this look the long lasting quality. If you choose a different color, I recommend the eyeliner slightly lighter than your shadow of choice (however most shadows will cover most liners, it is when it begins to fade or gets smudged a darker liner may be more obvious).

3. Once the upper border is drawn fill in the entire lid evenly to the lash line. Again, be very careful with the application pressure and I recommend working inside to outside with the side of the pencil tip. You may also add the lower line (just under the lashes). This can also be thicker or thinner depending upon your chosen look.

4.Now the shadow is applied. Work from the inside out and apply a generous amount of shadow evenly over the eyeliner base. On the outer edges blend the shadow lightly with the applicator and if needed, use a clean cosmetic wedge to reduce feathering and unevenness at the edges. Use a blending brush or large blush brush to wipe away excess shadow.

To add a subtle sparkle and highlight to the brow, you can apply the Mary Kate & Ashley Paper Me Pretty Sparkle on the go makeup sheets. Place the top (powder coated side) gently to your brow and use the rounded end of your liner pencil to gently rub the back, curving along your brow to transfer.

Finish the look with optional black liner inside your lower lid, black mascara, and go light on the lips with a slightly tinted gloss, like the Olay Lip Shine in Enlightenment. With a dramatic eye you want to keep cheeks and lips light and neutral.

Play with different colors to vary this look. Have fun and practice makes perfect!

Complete Brown Smokey Eye


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