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A Wallet Bag Is A Practical Wallet & Elegant Purse In One!

Updated on March 20, 2011

Your Wallet Bag Organizes Everything!

A wallet bag is a combination between a wallet and a purse. This multipurpose bag instantaneously changes from a purse, to a waist pack, to a shoulder bag. A wallet bag does it all! Adjustable or removable straps allow you to carry your wallet bag over your shoulder, around your waist, across your torso or hooked to your belt.

The design of the typical wallet bag consists of two or three zippered compartments for storing money, credit cards, ID cards, coins and other important items. The main compartment consists of zippered pockets and elastic holders ideal for carrying lipstick or writing utensils.

A secondary compartment may contain card slots, zippered change pockets, a bill slot, or photo pockets. A third outer compartment can be used to hold an MP3 player, PDA or cell phone. This wonderful wallet bag holds so much more that you'll leave your regular wallet at home.

Your wallet bag is available in a multitude of styles
Your wallet bag is available in a multitude of styles

You'll Wonder How You Ever Managed Without A Wallet Bag!

Wallet bags are usually made of a light weight, water resistant material like nylon or vinyl but are also available in any material you may desire. The best choice would be leather as it is durable and ages well.

When it comes to colors, the wallet bag is available in any color under the rainbow. Neutral colors like black, brown or tan or ideal as they will go well with many outfits. Then again, if you really want to make a statement or stand out, opt for a bold or bright color.

There's nothing like an elegant and beautiful wallet bag
There's nothing like an elegant and beautiful wallet bag

So Many Styles Of Wallet Bag To Choose From!

There is no end to the way you can keep your ID, plastic and money organized. You can go with the basic money clip, or a hybrid money clip wallet which can be very attractive and convenient. If you want to keep your checks neatly stowed, you can purchase a checkbook cover. If you need to carry around lots and lots of stuff, how about a leather tote bag? If you're looking to find the perfect gift for the man in your life, you can't go wrong with a men wallet. You can also select a mens leather wallet in the form of a credit card wallet. The variety of mens leather wallets is virtually endless!

Whether you prefer to refer to them as a wallet handbag or bag wallets, there are few more elegant accessories than a fine designer leather wallet bag.

Wallet handbags have become so popular because more and more women have realized that a wallet shoulder bag is the perfect way to organize all the endless amount of stuff that they carry around every day: combining bags, wallets into a single large wallet bag obviates the need to carry a bag or wallet since you can have a bag and wallet set!

For those nights spent clubbing, a mini wallet bag is the de rigeur fashion accessory. You can call 1800 bag wallet or look on their website for many tasteful and exciting models!

A wallet bag is the ultimate fashion accessory
A wallet bag is the ultimate fashion accessory

A Themed Wallet Bag Makes A Welcome Gift

Wallet bags make practical gifts for women of all ages. If purchasing one for a young lady you might opt for something of a brighter color, or perhaps she would even enjoy a themed wallet bag like, Hello Kitty, Disney or Hannah Montana!

Hannah Montana Accessories Including A Wallet Bag!

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