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A Superb Gift for Her, or Even a Gift for Him This Holiday Season is a Great Satin Robe!

Updated on August 1, 2013
Deborah-Lynn profile image

Deborah-Lynn has been writing professionally since 2002 as a freelancer and ghostwriter, non-fiction and fiction genres'.

The thing about Satin Robes is The Luxury! How do I get Such Luxury?

Lingerie is second only to my Favorite sun bathing suit!
Lingerie is second only to my Favorite sun bathing suit!
A Private Beach is the prefect place to take a stroll in your favorite Negligee' covered barely with a Satin Robe!
A Private Beach is the prefect place to take a stroll in your favorite Negligee' covered barely with a Satin Robe!
Something about high end satin makes you feel womanly and sensational!
Something about high end satin makes you feel womanly and sensational!
Wearing sexy things under your Satin robe adds to the feel of Luxury!
Wearing sexy things under your Satin robe adds to the feel of Luxury!

Makes you feel like a W-O-M-A-N !!!

Soft and silky on the skin, so cool in heat, so warm under the fur blanket this winter!
Soft and silky on the skin, so cool in heat, so warm under the fur blanket this winter!

Splurge on yourself this Holiday Season! "It's the Journey, my friend"! Satin Robes, Lingerie, fill a lovely Fabric Lined Easter Basket with Delights only a lov

I have been known to have expert shopping skills, gift giving is my "Love Language" and I excell in learning the best gift specifically for my target, whether it is a Gift for Him or A Gift for Her. My skills appear to be almost innate to some, but actually, I know how to assess what makes a person feel they way he or she longs to feel. So as you continue scroling through this Hub, you ill find valuable information on how to please others plus, more Importantly, how to best please yourself!

Feel free to try shopping in the varous methods suggested but I have to admit, checking out loations available in this article, simply by pointing to a URL address or logo and entering a website link with exactly what you want, has to be the most convenient method to date!

So we are on the second paragraph into this article and I know, already, 90% of the American women reading this, and at least half the Brits, are planning to scroll down to my "Comments Section" and solve this blinking problem, instantly, "Get yourself down to the store and buy one!" They want to shout out the words! Isn't that in itself, a sterling example of where we are as the women of today, in comparison to the way we were back in the 1950's? In some ways "we have come a long way baby!", but in others, we may be even worse off than ever. Be patient my friends, remember it is the Journey. "The value in life arises in the Journey", not in the ultimate arrival upon your goal. So, now we get into the journey, but, how do I get my Satin Robe?

Since we are on this journey together, LOL, maybe we should ask the question why, why is it so important that the coveted Robe be Satin? Why not a silk Robe, or a terrycloth Robe, or one made of cotton? My personal opinion is that langerie should be supple, soft and feel sensational on the skin. Cotton is usually crisp and somewhat absorbent, Terry cloth even more absorbent, but it loses its' shape after a few washings and wearings, and in spite of the wonderful feel of silk, it wrinkles and holds stains and just loses the feeling of luxury once off the hanger. When you wear Satin, you don't need a man to wrap his arms around you to feel loved, though of coarse having a man wrap his arms around me while I am wearing my Satin Robe can realy add to the pleasureable sensations to be sure!

Continuing our Journey to discover the best possible way to attain "The Satin Robe", the very best choice for ones' self....just goin to the store and picking one from the rack is such a mundane, functional task! Yes, I do Mean It! Eve where I live in Los Angeles, the real truth is store shopping is! Think about it, where can you find a Satin Robe of excellent quality, unusual lines and design and uniquely suited to your particular taste?

You have the option to select quality, thickness, style, color, sleeve length, floor length or shorter? You are in control now, you can make all the decisions and not have to bow to the will of Department Store Buyers who dictate to the consumer what to wear by providing their choices as the only styles available. You can expand your horizons beyond the "cookie cutter" variations available to the consumer in retail stores. Are you ready to make the move into a deeper sense on individuality? Let's Go!

There are several ways to go, selections from specialty magazines is a good one for sure! If you Google an exotic magazine they will be happy to mail you a catalog. You could also have the luxury of viewing their online catalog and ordering right there with a credit card in the comfort and privacy of your own bedroom! The fastest way to find the Satin Robe of your dreams, is to go to eBay and search, using your own unique specifications. Sometimes, there are ads placed in Blogs or Hubs that will lead you to the exact right place to shop for your "Dreamie" Luxurious Satin Robe! Enjoy!

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Shop here, delivered to your own front door!

The Question is...How do I Get One?

Surely if you are dating, or with a special someone, the ideal way to acquire a Satin Robe would be for him to ask you, "Sweetie, I Love you so much, I would like to buy you the softest, most luxurous, flowing Satin Robe that you have ever seen. Or if you are a woman that happens to be married, wouldn't the most satisfying method of acquiring a Satin Robe be for your man of the house to come to you one Saturday morning, hand you a freshly brewed cup of your favorite tea and your all time favorite magazine, and say, "My Dear wife, here is something to keep you occupied while I run off to that cute little boutique we saw near Rodeo Drive last month. I just have to get down there and find you a sumptuously exquisite Satin Robe in your favorite color right now, today!" Kiss, Kiss...ahhhh, wait a minute...we all know that the days of Black & White 50's TV are long gone and the re-runs just don't hold our interest, do they? Probably because they have nothing to do with our daily lives in the 21st Century! So back to the question, "How am I going to get my Satin Robe?"

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Be an Individual, Choose to Shop Outside the Box of Retail


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    • Deborah-Lynn profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Shopping for your Lover in advance of Easter is a sure way to be prepared with something exquisite hidden in a lovely lined Easter may find what you receive in return is well worth the for-thought and effort!

    • Deborah-Lynn profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Naughty Ralwus, your wife of 42 is worth more than ten couldn't tolerate the high maintenance dear.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      My wife has them, nice ones too. She prefers to wear her flannels and old cotton shirts. I do love satin sheets and pillows, in the summer. I do like that first picture, my *sigh* oh for those days again. I'd much rather have two of them than a wife of 42.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      God has blessed all men with His greatest helpers and they deserve only the best, Great Hub

    • Deborah-Lynn profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Thank you for reading my Hub prasetio, no, satin would not be as expensive as silk, but it stays nice longer, and satin is very beautiful like silk. A Mercedes is a very good value, your woman will be very blessed!

    • prasetio30 profile image


      10 years ago from malang-indonesia

      wow...the woman also need satin than Mercedes. I choose this type of woman....hahaha. because I can buying her Mercedes. Is the satin expensive too?


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