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A Women’s Pedometer Watch for Women Who Want to Be Sexy

Updated on August 23, 2009

Here’s how I got the idea for this hub: I was out looking for an anniversary gift for my girlfriend and I’ve been wanting to get her something nice because it is kind of a big year for us and we’ve been together for a long time but I couldn’t figure out what to get her. I was thinking about all of the hobbies she’s into lately and I realized that more and more she’s been interested in running.

My girlfriend likes to exercise, even though she doesn’t do it enough, she went out and bought some running shoes the other day and she’s been trying to go out and run around the neighborhood at least once or twice a week but she’s having trouble staying motivated. She wants to get into better shape but if she can’t keep up her routine she’s going to just sit back on the couch and stop worrying about it. She doesn’t want that because she’ll feel like crap and I don’t want that because she’ll feel like crap and won’t be as sexy as she is now. So, I figured I should try this year to get her something that she’s really interested in and at the same time try to keep her motivated to stay in shape.

What motivates you to stay in shape while at the same time looks good on you and feels comfortable? That’s right, you guessed it: a pedometer watch!

In order to get her the best pedometer wrist watch out there (I’m not about to scrimp on her anniversary present) I went to the local gym and asked all of the women I could if they used a pedometer watch, what kind, and what qualities did they look for in a pedometer watch and these are the results.

What Does the Pedometer Watch Measure?

Almost eighty percent of the women I spoke with had the technical aspects of the pedometer watch in mind first when they were buying it. They wanted their pedometer watches to be capable of measure both speed and distance and they also looked for a pedometer heart rate watch that took track of their heart rates as well as their step counts. Some of them even mentioned that if my girlfriend plans to run out in hiking paths or something, I could get an integrated digital compass in some of the pedometer watches.

What Does the Pedometer Watch Feel Like?

Surprisingly before the look of the pedometer watch comes the feel of it on your skin. Most of the women I talked to didn’t care if the watch was the best looking thing ever, if it didn’t feel right on their arm they weren’t going to wear it and what good is a pedometer watch that’s sitting in a drawer when you’re out running your ass off? They wanted lightweight, scratch resistant, and thin pedometer watches that had long battery lives and an ergonomic design. To be honest, I can’t blame them.

What does the Pedometer Watch Look Like?

If the watch felt good it had to look good too. Aesthetics are important, especially when you’re exposed and vulnerable like when you’re exercising.

“A woman’s pedometer watch needs to be as sexy as the woman wearing it” one of the girls told me. So I went out and purchased the Sportline Women's Solo 960 Heart Rate Monitor Watch for my girlfriend (among some other things.)

I felt like it had the most qualities at a price I could afford and I think she’ll really like it. Now, don't expect there to be any fast weight loss with these watches because healthy living is about a sustained effort but this will at least put you on the right track.


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    • profile image

      Alberto 6 years ago

      Great title and a great post. The tech 4O's are among my favourites.