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A few things about wrist watches

Updated on March 13, 2012

Wrist watches have not been as popular as they are today ever since time began. Only in the 20th century did wrist watches become popular.  Before that people used to prefer pocket watches. Wrist watches became popular after the First World War, while the popularity of pocket watches constantly declined.

Today most watches are electronic and based on quartz movements. Of course you can also find collection watches that are based on only mechanical movements, but if you want a cheap wrist watch that shows you the time correctly a quartz watch is probably the best option.

Today many watches will also show you the day, date, month and even year. You can find all sorts of watches with different capabilities nowadays. Are you thinking of buying yourself a wristwatch? If so you have many options.

Are you the sporty type? If so you might be interested in one of Casio’s G Shock watches. Famous sportsman would probably wear something a bit more expansive but if you do not fancy the idea of spending a huge sum of money on a watch this is the perfect watch for you: cheap and shock proof.

Would you prefer a more elegant watch? (The Casio G Shock would obviously not go well with a tuxedo). If you have enough money to spend on a wrist watch you could go for one of the elegant Rolex watches. Do you want a combination between elegance and sporty style? If so you could go for the Cosmograph Daytona for Rolex. Of course you will also have to dig down in your pocket to buy a Rolex watch. The official Rolex website says this watch is the drivers watch, a combination between sport style and elegance.

There are many wrist watches on the market so you will have from where to choose one that really fits your style. Whether it is a leather wrist watch or if you prefer to stick to stainless steel watches you will definitely find something you will really like. If you are still not sure what you want to buy but have seen a few interesting models you could choose to search for reviews of those models over the internet. After that you will probably already have decided which wrist watch is worth buying. Being able to know what the exact time is at any point can be a real blessing.


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