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Buying Clothes For Kids- Fashion And Prices

Updated on October 25, 2015

Kids' clothes shop


Shopping for kid’s clothes may be challenging especially for new mums or parents. It is not a simple task as anyone can imagine.Challenges encountered range from identification of right material, design to sizes. It may also be expensive if you fail to take into consideration your kids growth rate. Clothing is one of the basic needs. Clothes influence health and wellness of your kid. Some materials may cause allergy or irritation to the sensitive the skin of a kid. Studies have also shown that a type of dress can determine the attitude. This parental guide will be helpful especially to young parents. It will help them make choices which will not disappoint them.

A happy kid

Safety and comfort: A well clothed baby
Safety and comfort: A well clothed baby | Source

Safe dressing is key


Safety and comfort

Safety and comfort of our kids should always be a top priority when selecting clothes for your kids. Always take your time to check the label at the back of the clothe where you will get information about the safety. The safety standards which you set will depend on the age of a kid. For example for kids less than one year, avoid clothes which have zips or buttons as they may cause damage to the skin during accidental entrapments. Clothes for kids below 7 years should not have cords or drawstrings around the neck. Also take your time to check the strength of the parts attached to the clothe. They should be strong enough so that a kid cannot easily detach them to avoid the risk of chocking. Also take into consideration the risk of flammability. A god parent will also consider the behavior of the child so as to identify the risks which may be associated with dressing; How does your child play, how is the standard of the play ground etc should be considered.

Clothes selected should also offer maximum comfort to the kid especially at all times. There should be spaces through which the body “breathes”. Selected clothes should also not cause irritation or damage to the skin due to pressure. There should be no seams which would cause scratch tags. The selected clothes should also be able to protect the kid from harsh weather elements. For very young babies, the selected clothes should leave enough space for diapers or nappies. It is also good that you select clothes that can be easily removed. This is especially clothes which you do not have to pull over the head. Select the ones which are made from materials which cause no irritation like polyester cotton over those which are made from materials like nylon. Also, avoid heavy and tough materials like jeans in young babies as they cause irritation.

You should always consider the growth curve


Size and growth rate of a kid

Kids do grow rapidly; buying some extremely fitting clothes may make clothing an expensive especially for parents with many kids. The clothes selected should leave a room for growth at least for a period of 6 months. It is also not advisable that you buy lots of clothes for babies as they do grow rapidly hence making clothes useless within a very short time. This changes as the kids grow and begin moving. Movement causes damage to various parts of clothes hence there is a need for continuous replacement. It is not always advisable that you give much attention to the size for age label as baby sizes do depend on its growth rate.



Fabric and wash-ability

The fabric selected should be washable without the need to use some strong detergents which may cause irritation. Also consider the suitability and how various types of materials impact on the skin of a kid. It is also advisable that for young kids who are crawling, select materials which are durable and can remain intact after continuous washing. This is because crawling toddlers will always make their clothes dirty. Do not buy clothes which are made of fabric which may be allergic to a child as this will worsen the allergy. The fabric should also be able to resist washing with hot water when it is necessary. The fabric should be able to maintain the body temperature at a normal range and not fluctuate easily depending on room temperatures. The type of material selected should also depend on season. Wool made clothing is recommended during cold seasons as they prevent the loss of heat from the body.

Kids fashion show

Kids Fashion Show in Paris
Kids Fashion Show in Paris | Source

Fashion for kids above 7 years

As the kids grow, they become sensitive to fashion. They also become more sensitive to gender. As a parent you should not disappoint such a grown up kid by choosing what they do not like. Always give priority to the taste of your child. You can get a hint of the favorite clothes for them by knowing their favorite colors, patterns, images etc. A good parent will also take a time to note what is popular among children of the same age set with theirs before buying.

Get the value for your money


Getting the best value from every purchase you make

You should get the right value for every coin you use to buy clothes for your kid. Make a thorough comparison of the money you are giving with what you are getting. This is in terms of how long your kid will use the clothe and for how long will the fabric resist washing chemicals, temperatures and whether elements. Also do compare the prices of the various stores or various related items. Go for the ones which offer you the best value for your money. Choose the clothes which are wearable for the better part of the year or during different occasions.

Shopping for kids clothes

Kids clothes shop
Kids clothes shop | Source

Where to buy kids clothes

This may be the next question for a new mum or parent. Selecting the best place where to buy kids clothes. Avoiding stores which are only after money and offer no value is always a top priority. There are many online stores which sells baby products but there is need to establish whether they are legitimate before committing any amount of your hard earned money. There are various ways through which you can know whether an online store is a genuine one or a scam. First, you can Google the website of that particular shop so that you can get the reviews from previous customers. If there are several complaints or no comments about it, then you should be suspicious. If there are numerous positive reviews about the company then you can go ahead and look for more information. You may ask a few of your friends what they know about that particular online shop or whether they had bought products from it. Genuine sellers will also encourage questions about their legitimacy. Installing a web of trust or other secure socket layer as an extension in your browser will also help you keep off some illegitimate sellers.Take care as some stores also deliver counterfeit products and not what you may had ordered. You can also kids clothes in local clothes shops.


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