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Baseball hats & snapbacks: some suggestions before you buy one!

Updated on March 23, 2016
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Your body, your look: the first things people see of you when you walk down the streets. Caring about them, loving yourself!


A hip-hop icon

The snapback is a particular type of hat very popular among teenagers, which is mainly employed by hip-hop artists, so that this type of hat is typical of the hip-hop culture. It is a type of hat with a belt of snap buttons on the back, which can also be wore putting the snap buttons part on the forehead. You can find snapback of different colors and with different writings printed on it (often inspired by rap and hip-hop world), and at the same time you can find these hats produced by famous fashion brands, but you can find also ones produced by less famous brands. I personally like these types of hats, and the fact they are a typical hip-hop symbol probably contributed to increase the popularity of this type of hat. But there are different fashion brands that realize snapbacks. In this article I will describe the snapbacks provided by these brands.

One of the various types of snapbacks produced by Abercrombie & Fitch
One of the various types of snapbacks produced by Abercrombie & Fitch | Source

Abercrombie & Fitch

One of the most loved and popular fashion brands all around the world, Abercrombie & Fitch, is particularly known for its clothes and it parfum, Abercrombie Fierce (the same which is widespread in all Abercrombie stores, a fragrance I like very much), but this brands produces also various types of accessories, including snapbacks. Probably snapbacks produced by A&F are not so much popular than others produced by other fashion brands (at the end, A&F is more popular for its parfum and its clothes), however they are very beautiful and they are surely cool!


It is one of the most popular brands when we are talking about snapbacks (the brand is also famous for it sweatshirt with the big "Obey" logo printed on it, and in general for all his clothes, very popular). Obey produces "The City Snapback", a very popular snapback which has the "Obey" logo printed on the front of the hat. There are also some variations of the logo (as it happens for Obey sweatshirts).


New Era

The New Era snapbacks are also very popular. There are various types of New Era snapbacks, each one with a different writing printed on it. So in this case you are not choosing a hat because you like the brand itself, but because you like the sentence written on it. In the photo you can see the "Sorry I'm Fresh... and you're not" New Era snapback (which is the same I wear in the two photos of mine at the start of the article, with the difference that my snapback is black with the writing in black).



This is a brand very popular when we talk about shoes, but it also produces various types of clothes.What are we talking about? Obviously it is Vans brand, which also produces snapbacks. Just like for the Obey snapback, there are different variations of the "Vans" logo, even if the most popular Vans snapback is that with the "Vans Off The Wall" logo!



Another brand popular when we talk about shoes but also in general clothes is Jordan, which also produces snapbacks. There are some variations, in particular the two most popular Jordan snapbacks are the one with the only logo, and the other with the logo and the "Jordan" brand written.


Finally there is a brand which has been very popular for its winter caps, but which also produces other types of clothes: Carhartt. However it must be noted that only in Europe you can find fashion clothes produced by Carhartt: in the USA the brand is mainly producing work clothes, not casual ones!

Popularity of snapbacks

Snapbacks are so popular that they appear in different occasions, and are always a symbol of fashion, in addition they belong to a specific popular music movement like hip-hop. Even some YouTubers realized various funny videos about snapbacks, you can see an example below, in which a popular YouTuber simulates behaviour in which he goes to steal snapbacks all around the city (obviously it is a joke, don't try to imitate him in the reality)!

There are also many other types of snapbacks. But among the snapbacks cited in this hub, what is your favourite?

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