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A cosmetic surgery solution for the wrinkled cleavage, Chest Lift?

Updated on April 24, 2014

The struggle for perfection

As women, it's hard to keep up with all the body changes, whether it's the environment, the aging process or the birth of children, our bodies tend to take quite a beating. The struggle to look as good on the outside as we feel on the inside is a constant battle.

Most of us have use makeup, facial creams, body creams, we eat right, we exercise hoping to have that perfect look we want, somehow it's always unreachable. I personally decided to just fall in love with myself just as I am and not worry anymore, that's a quick way of reaching the goal, granted, it didn't mean I was still curious about things that can improve.

Women turn to plastic surgery as they reach a certain age, because the non-invasive methods are no longer effective and lasting. From Face lifts to breast augmentation, liposuction and everything in between. But what about the wrinkled skin on the cleavage?

Do creams and lasers work for wrinkled cleavage?

A simple search on the web for the wrinkled cleavage solution and you will see thousands of products and laser treatments that promise to lift, tighten, perfect the hard to deal with spot.

If you've ever tried any of those products and services, you know they may or may not work, but if they do work, it's temporary. The chase is never ending, you treat, it wrinkles and so on.

The permanent wrinkle cleavage solution

You might think plastic surgery is drastic, but for those that struggle with the trouble of excess wrinkled skin on the chest, it's quite frustrating and can cause them to be less confident in wearing certain types of clothes or truly feeling comfortable and good about the way they feel.

That part of the chest is like the hands and the neck, you might be able to hide your age and look young everywhere else, but those areas are like bill board displaying your age immediately.

I was so excited one day when watching channel 4 news in Southern California, when they reported on a Newport Beach cosmetic surgeon named Dr. George Brennan that specializes in pioneering new techniques. It's brilliant, he has developed a simple surgical technique that removes that excess skin completely, what emerges is a beautiful smooth upper chest area.

Is it worth it?

To answer that question, we'd have to ask the people truly struggling with this trouble area, as I look down on my chest, I must say, I'm pretty satisfied but I wrote this to make sure I am reminded of this procedure when the time comes and i need it.

Many people are against plastic surgery, I personally am against the idea of over-plastic surgery, but I believe people have the right to choose and do whatever it is they need to feel more confident about themselves and happy with the way they look. Medical spa treatments only work for a short period of time before we run out of time.

What do you think?, is it something you would consider for yourself if you were faced with this?, would love to hear your thoughts.


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