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A review of the Yumi Nibbler

Updated on June 28, 2015


I received a Yumi Nibbler for free in exchange for my honest and unaltered opinion of the product from Love Park Products.

Yumi Nibbler

The Yumi Nibbler is a pearlescent pink bikini trimmer that painlessly removes unwanted hair. The Yumi Nibbler operates on battery power and it is waterproof meaning it can be used in the shower and in a bath tub. The Yumi Nibbler weighs only 1.8 ounce making it perfect for travel it can easily fit in a purse or bag discreetly.The Yumi Nibbler does not come with batteries, but it only requires one AA battery to power the device. In addition the Yumi Nibbler also comes with a free bonus facial hair removal attachment for women. It is important to maintain the Yumi Nibbler to aid in this the product comes with a brush for easy maintenance. The heads are both detachable and may be fully immersed in order to allow the Yumi Nibbler to be effectivly cleaned and maintained.

GUARANTEED FOR LIFE - Backed by the Yumi Love It Lifetime Guarantee. The industry's best.

— Yumi


The Yumi Nibbler arrived by mail today June 28, 2015. When I opened the package I found that the Yumi Nibbler, the Facial Hair Remover for Women extra head, and the small brush for cleaning where all packed inside a large Ziploc bag. Each item was in its own individual bag inside the larger bag. The Yumi Nibbler arrived in perfect condition without any any scratches, dents, or broken pieces.

My Yumi Nibbler

Pain/Discomfort Level

The first question I had when I heard about the Yumi Nibbler for the first time was does it hurt to use? Having now used the Yumi Nibbler I can say that it does not hurt at all to use. I felt no pain or discomfort when I shaved my bikini area, however when I shaved under my arms I did notice a slight tugging sensation on the hair. This sensation was not at all painful if anything it felt similar to the feeling of brushing one's hair.

How Well Does it Work?

The second question that I believe most people would have towards the Yumi Nibbler is how well does it work? The Yumi Nibbler came with two heads; one for shaving and one for facial hair removal. I have tested the shaving head on my bikini area and my underarms. To remove all of the hair on my bikini area I had to repeat each movement with the Yumi Nibbler about three times for my underarms I only had to repeat it twice. I found that moving the Yumi Nibbler in circles and/or right to left worked better than moving it up and down. It took my about five minutes to shave my bikini area and my underarms, but by the time I was done all of the hair had been shaved without any pain. The best part was that the Yumi Nibbler prevents nicks so I did not end up with any cuts which was very nice.


The Yumi Nibbler did not come with a guide on how to clean it so I was left partially guessing. I ended up removing the head that I used and rinsing it off inside and out. Then I used the small brush that came with the Yumi Nibbler to brush the outside of the head to remove any stray hairs though I did not see any. After I finished shaving I did notice that water built up under the head inside the Yumi Nibbler so if you use it in the shower or in the tub it is important to disconnect the head when you are done and dump out any water.


Overall I found the Yumi Nibbler to be a very effective shaving device for women. It allows women to remove hair from their bikini area, underarms, and other sensitive areas without pain. It does take a bit longer to shave with the Yumi Nibbler than it does with a razor, but it is a lot safer. The Yumi Nibbler will not become dull over time, it will not rust, and a slip up will not result in a cut. My favorite Yumi Nibbler benefit is that there are no shaving nicks. I plan to only shave my sensitive areas using a Yumi Nibbler and I hope that Yumi might eventually make a larger device that would work for shaving ones legs.


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